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Family asks jurors to spare Wilks' life

1 bullet to the head=$2.25
Result= Priceless

He gave up any rights when you took that young girls life. She was only 20 years old and he showed her no mercy. It's time to pay up and meet your maker.

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Mahoning GOP Party recommends three to replace Belinky

Slap in Dave's face!!

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Canfield officials mull budget ideas as revenues decrease

Let the taxpayers pick up the expense because of the morons that run the city!!
Maybe they should be looking at ways to bring money into the city by way of more business coming into the city. Instead we buy more police cruisers with hemi's in them, WHY? Red gate farm what a joke that is $2.5 mill for what and we still owe over $800,000.00 on land that you don't even have the mineral rights for. The nursing home over off rt 446 because the city and township have egos. Again at the tax payers expense if we have some other type of revenue sources it would be a win for the city and schools. It is 2014 need to change the attitude about having more commerical properties in Canfield the citizens just can keep getting taxed more everytime the city or schools need money we just don't have it.

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Democratic legislators criticize governor ahead of speech

Never ceases to amaze me Ron Gerberry and Bob Hagan to lifetime politicians and what have they done for this valley? NOTHING just sucked off of the boob of the taxpayers just like every other politicians, great pay, great benefits and a great pension all at the taxpayers expense. If that was not enough for Bobby Hagan now he wants more so lets have his wife run and keep the Hagan household well fed. When will enough be enough? Hagan also works for the railroad so how well has he represented us if you don't belong to a union he does not know you. Gerberry has held more political offices than I can count and why is this? The pay, The benefits and the pension. At least Governor K is trying to clean the boob up so the taxpayer can live to feed another day. The waste in the system is a joke and so are most of the politicians associated with it this includes the Jackasses and Elephants!! The whole system in Mahoning county is broke from Betrass to Moron Monroe no decent person would want either party to back them they all a bunch of self serving ( using Ted Nugents line) mongrels what is in it for me. They could care less about the people they serve and voted them into office all they care about is what they can make and steal. The MIDDLE class will be extinct if people like this continue to serve us.

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Mahoning County commissioners take under adivisement Canfield annexation issue

This is why Canfield will never have any growth!!! A bunch of want-a-be's that can do anything but bitch and complain. When was the last time someone wanted to build something in Canfield other than a house that there was not turmoil. The city and the township need to work things out just like the old red gate farm that the city bought years ago and is still paying a huge mortgage on. It just the taxpayers money so why would they care.

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Betras, Dems launch Facebook effort for Obama visit

Betras needs to pull his head out of the ass of the Democratic party. They talk about all this change but look around it is still the same old stuff. The rich get richer and the poor keep on taking and the middle class just keep getting their asses kicked. To be self employed today is a curse you are paying 60 cents on a dollar in taxes, Insurance, and other any other cost the goverment can find then you have banks that do nothing but find ways to take more money from you with more be fees. The back bone of America is the small business and the this president and his cronies have done nothing to help us.

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BREAKING NEWS | Kevin Agee resentenced for role in Repchic murder

Should have just put a bullet in the s.o.b,s head. Why waste tax payors dollars to jail trash.

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Pavlik cited for OVI at Niles-Youngstown turnpike exit

Maybe we can him and Dellick in a cell together!! That would be fun to watch..

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UPDATE: Hagan petition to get Limbaugh off Youngstown airwaves gaining support

I wish I could turn Hagan off just like Rush. Him and Gerberry gotta go.

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Canfield replaces girls softball coach

The truth really strikes a nerve with some of you!!!

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