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Passion play draws thousands to Austintown

The play was done by the Highway
Tabernacle Church members which I
am a part of and I was so honored and blessed to have been in the play. What a privilege it was to be a part of this great group. It was
my 1st year myself. Two of my
daughters and 2 grandkids were in it as well. Our mission is to present the Love
that Jesus Christ gave when He offered His life. Our Creative Arts and choir director just turned 27 and he along with his wife did an absolutlely tremendous job directing the music, singers, stage managers, the tech and lighting crews, the set designers,costume designers, makeup and food preps. That along with the parking issues is something to behold. Remember, none of us are professionals at any of this except some of the set design which was donated by the sponsers. As Pastor Jason kept reminding us,
It's all about HIM!!! Jesus! It's not about us!! To please check our egos and moods in at the door before entering.We had prayer meetings 30 minutes
before each performance to pray for the needs of those in attendance. And if you attended, we prayed for YOU!!Bob Little who played the part of Jesus, how he was on stage is how he is in person. A really nice guy. He's a member of Highway as well. Teen Challenge helped out. What a great group they are!!
Highway passed out cards in January to
begin in Feb with what anyone wanted to do or be.
We even had groups from an area shelter. Check out pics on Face Book
Remember , these people are not professionals. They just really love the Lord and want to serve to get His message out there to the community.
The play was not meant to impress but to confess "The Passion" Christ had and has for us. To those who saw the play and speak from experiencing it,
we are so glad you came. I would say see you next year but if you don't have a church home, visit Highway. I began last July and truly all roads do lead to Highway!! I have found a home and so many friends.

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