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Ohio death-row inmate declines to ask for mercy

I'm ok with this. At least he didn't fake empathy and sincerity for leniency.

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Troopers investigate fatal Howland one-car crash

"Preliminary investigation indicates that speed and alcohol were factors in the crash"

so what else is there to investigate? some drunk moron won a darwin award. case closed.

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Joe Paterno dead at 85

we may not know what his role in the rape of those children was but god does. he will be judged now without lawyers and subterfuge to hide behind.

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Shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords to resign from Congress

ice she had brain damage. can't you sympathize with her given you obvious "special needs?"

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18-hour outbreak of violence stuns New Orleans

why did we spend all that money rebuilding this city?

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Man gets 1 years, 1 day in Ohio marijuana case

Another drug dealer gets a slap on the wrist. No wonder the war on drugs is a losing battle.

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Jim Tressel’s 10-year reign in Columbus reaches its end

stop saying "hes just a good man who made a mistake." deliberately breaking the rules is not a mistake. he thinks he is above the rules and he deserves to lose his job.

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UPDATE: Jim Tressel resigns

Everyone knew he was bad news when he was at YSU but when you get results the coverup goes higher up the ladder. Good job to the people who busted him.

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Valley law enforcement to adopt fugitive-surrender program

"have their case adjudicated at a community church"

Did I miss the separation of church and state being repealed?

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Under SB 5, Ohio will be first state required to base teacher pay on performance

I had some really awful teachers in high school and some of them had tenure. Meaning no matter how bad they sucked you couldn't get rid of them or discipline them. Something needs to be done. Unions have gotten out of control in this country. When you get raises even if your job performance is abysmal something needs to change. Unions are just as bad as al-Qaeda terrorist cells.

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