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Canfield couple target Target's restroom policy

Agree ...We're not the bible belt and shouldn't aim to be

We should be aiming for common sense and sanity.
This anything goes society we're living in is not the way to get there

Anyone just hanging out in a public restroom is a danger no matter their intention !

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YPD: Man spits on paramedic, kicks nurse

Nobody should be subjected to this kind of nonsense.
But I'm sure this idiot was just having a bad reaction to his "legal" medication.

After all the police are always in the wrong no matter what.
I can't imagine doing their jobs and dealing with idiots day in and day out and then having every action taken being questioned.

God only knows what this guy was on if it took 5 cops to restrain him and get him on the gurney.
And God bless the amazing work our EMS folks do.

I had to call on them several times when my late father was very ill.
They got here in minutes well prepared.
As far as I'm concerned they're awesome and deserve respect as does every office who works hard at being professional serving the public

They're jobs are not easy and not always appreciated.
Anyone out there who thinks it's an easy gig should join up and give it a try
Hats off to all who serve including the police,fire fighters and EMS !

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Bank sued over elderly woman’s loss

Although Kovachik hasn't been proven guilty yet the situation doesn't look at all good for her or the bank.

The bank indeed has a responsibility to look out for their clients and apparently that didn't happen here.

I certainly hope the victim of this theft will recover what was stolen and if it's proven Kovachik is responsible for this crime she needs a good long prison term.

Greed pure and simple !!

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Local Trump supporters call Clinton 'ethically challenged'

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

" I never deleted any emails on my unapproved private server"

This old hag has clung to politics like grim death for 30 years and has accomplished nothing except to endanger American lives with her lies

Any other citizen would be sitting behind bars for far less than what she's done

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Dog found on South Side with tongue cut out

Anybody still think animal cruelty shouldn't be a serious felony offense in this state ?

Some extremely sick bastards out there!!!!!

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Clinton, Kaine expected to make Valley appearance Saturday

isn't election time the only time our valley matters to these political hacks ?
They come here spout a bunch of feel good flowery nonsense and make promises that are forgotten the instant they get back on the plane.

Let's cut their arrogance off at the knees by no one showing up to listen to their B.S.
Show them we're not the dumbasses they think we are.

The decent trusting hard working people of this valley have been lied to cheated and burned time and time again
Stay home relax enjoy the day with family and know those folks you can truly trust to have your back during the tough times

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UPDATE: 2 suspects in custody after 11 cops shot, 4 killed during Dallas protest

"Justice when officers are attacked and killed is not to negotiate but to neutralize".

Without hesitation take these scumbags out before they have a chance to murder anyone else !!

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Man throws dynamite out of car onto Market Street, police report

Driving drunk with no license and no insurance
Tossing m-80s out of the cars window....

Now there's a brilliant citizen !!
Probably thinks he was singled out by the police for no reason.

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Traffic deaths surged in 2015 as driving hit new record

Why wasn't idiots texting and yapping on cell phones not listed as part of the reason for the increase of traffic deaths ?

A month ago my daughter was hit by an idiot trying to text her b/f.
The girl admitted to the police she was trying to text and took her eyes off the road......

I'll give the girl her due for being honest .
But still..........

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Woman charged in stabbing that was videotaped

What this wild pig needs is a jail cell and the complete loss of child custody and all welfare benefits if she receiving them.

What kind of life can that poor child possibly have living with that nut job ?
Just another lazy irresponsible loser !!

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