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Yavorcik gets 5 years of probation; even he's surprised

Another Black Eye. A complete Joke. The system at work, but what system? Three dummies set free. .

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Son of Mahoning County judge jailed again

With all the money that mommy and daddy have, you would think that this kid would get the help that he needs. This kid, right now, is a train wreck and look out when he crashes.

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Friends and family of the Youngstown mayor and former Mahoning County auditor wrote letters to the judge asking for forgiveness

The voters will most likely vote them back into office. What a shame and another black eye for the area.

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The Oakhill investigation isn’t over, a prosecutor says

Tax-payers dollars wasted, No Justice here.

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McNally, Sciortino take plea deals; Yavorcik trial reset

Our justice system at work. Did you expect any other outcome? I am not a big fan of Attorney Betras, but I do agree when he said that the Mayor should resign.

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Johnny Manziel's ex-girlfriend tells police he struck her

Johnny Jerk! A rich spoiled kid who goes to mommy and daddy when he is in trouble. This kid has a ton of money and that is why he is walking around free as a bird. His daddy and Jerry Jones are friends, so he can go and play for the Dallas Cowboys and let them deal with him. See how fast he wears out his welcome. Johnny Jerk!

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Texas police probing another Manziel incident

This guy is on a path of self destruction. The Browns need to cut him or send him off to Dallas, which is where he wants to be. Let the Cowboys have the headaches he will bring with him.

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First not enough to save Blatt

I don't believe for a minute that LeBron was not a part of this. Yes, he is the best in the league and I am a Cavs fan, but sometimes massive egos get in the way and the wrong decisions are made. You are 30 and 11 and you fire the head coach. There is more to this story that the team is not telling.

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Judge frees Dellick to house arrest

Is anyone surprised by the judge releasing John to house arrest? I'll bet that no one saw that coming.

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UPDATE | John Dellick in jail; linked to report of gun found at hotel

He doesn't care-----------------he has a free get out of jail card.

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