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Wal-Mart to make, sell healthier foods

Seriously. That's why you shop at Marc's :) Fresh food AND it's half the price. If they're doing their grocery shopping at Walmart, I doubt they've really put thought into healthy foods OR saving money.

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Food from the Soul

AWESOME! I live in a (very safe) suburb 20 miles outside of Youngstown, but have been working on the South Side for the last 3 years. Mr. Collier and his wife are WONDERFUL people and they make amazing food! The South Side is dangerous because of drug activity, gang violence, and basically "bad blood" revenge...... but none of that is going on in this place with these people! I've been ordering pies and chili/cornbread from them since I've known them. Opening this restaurant has been a long-awaited dream for them and they're doin it right! Believe me this family has some staying power. And the business is doing well because the food speaks for itself - it's AMAZING and extremely reasonably priced! By the way... don't have to be black to appreciate the food ;) ;) ;)

P.S. to all the comments about chitterlings... yeah, being white & from the north, I never grew up with anything like that and the texture just doesn't sit right with me. But did you read about the chili, ribs, cornbread, cakes, etc? The food is GOOD!

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