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Canfield Group Assault

This is what we try to teach our children, isn't it? character. from the family room to the class room, it has, or should have been, a constant molding of ones character from their parents to their school teachers. I'm sure some of these kids have been getting an earfull from their parents, and truly did just allow themselves to become involved with the peer pressure and feeling of involvement that strikes us all in high school. but being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and directly involving yourself in the confrontation are two different things. those kids that were convicted with assault should face the penalties that any citizen of this country would have to face, no matter what their social stature. this includes the malvasi boy. The truth is, this situation could have turned out much worse. Maybe after the boy bled enough, those mooney boys allowed their strong religious morals get the best of them and backed off. thank god for that, right? People can say that this should not be a mooney issue. lets make a comparison. if a large group of men that all just so happened to be white supremacists lynched a black man, would that not be a white supremacist issue. an issue between blacks and whites. let's get real, representatives of cardinal mooney high school with a joint of the parents of the kids involved should be making a public statement of apology for this instance. not for their own good, but the good of this community, to show these kids that acts of violence like this one is not to be tolerated, not in the confines of ours homes, schools, or streets. It's the responsible thing to do, and responsibility is what was lacking in the first place to allow these kind of events to take place.

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Canfield Group Assault

My personal opinion on the whole situation is that these kids need to start growing up. i am only a college student but who acts like this with any self respect on either side of either party. As for the Malvasi boy, what was he trying to prove? you see 14 boys outside of your house, you do the responsible thing. you call the cops. of course he was probably worried the mooney kids would rat him out on his assault from the confrontation earlier before, but how bone headed do you have to be to choose a mob of your peers all ready to turn you into mince meat over doing the obvious. The father did the right thing by coming out and try to defend his son. whether he struck one of the mooney kids, i do not know. if he did, and it was necessary for his defense, alright, but if he took the offense, shame on him. he as a grown man should know that would only escalate the situation. although the Malvasi party was at wrong, the real situation is this mob mentality brought into this fight by these mooney kids. i know of a number of these young men, if you could call them that after this incident, and i know that some of them are pretty big headed, but for them to involve themselves in a situation like this and escalate it just by showing up with the shear numbers they did was just a pathetic display of character.

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