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YSU enrollment || Figures show decline of 3.8%

What do you mean ONE employee who misappropriated funds. Were there others that did the same? Did they lose their job? And what are these two vice president jobs you are talking about? Thought there was a freeze on hiring due to budget problems?

derf5983, I agree. What did the YSU people think would happen after Eastern Gateway was up and running? Of course they will take students away from YSU.

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Sluggish YSU finds a way to get a win

I agree the difference is striking. Very glad to see this. Keep it up.

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YSU lands talented Florida WR with checkered past

Is this the best YSU could do? Really???

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YSU police chief retires today

Congratulations Chief! Wishing all the best for you in the years to come. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.

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Public has a right to details of suit against Macejko, city

you're giving everyone a lecture on ethics. amusing.

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