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It’s time to end silliness over Hubbard’s top cop

They are both in on it- who wouldn't wanna go on a 13 month paid vacation?!!! I betcha the Chief is blackmailing the Mayor. Don't trust any of them.
And who the hell the Mayor thinks he is withholding the information anyways?!! People wanna know.

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Parents indicted in shooting death of toddler

My god, I can just imagine hell the parents are living in right now. And then the law on their heads, on top of that!!! We incarcerate people for everything around here. I hope judge uses common sense in this case: parents have received enough punishment. What's the point of father being in jail?

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Brawl case goes to court

Oh yeah - I am also on my way now to get two really vicious Dobermans, just cause I'm raising 3 boys in Canfield (and I AM a Mooney graduate, thank you).
Oh man - could you picture that greeting...
mamma's little doggy would greet you by your neck.

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Brawl case goes to court

Seriously, people. I am glad that this wasn't my house. No matter what kind of thug or SOB my son is - they come like this in the middle of the night, to mess with ME (I paid for the house after all); there is no saying what would this MOM do.
Most likely, one of them (the one in Mooney Jacket) would get a bullet in his a**. The other ones would scatter then.
And no - Ohio Law would not save them.

This is just MOM talking

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