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Dear public employees: Be afraid

So why not compromise? Vote out legislators not in favor of passing legislation to forbid "double dipping". It may not completely balance the budget, but it should sure silence those who tout it as an evil sin. This is not all that much dissimilar to the protests in France going on now, where younger workers are trying to get the government to force older workers into retirement so there will be more jobs. I agree, double dipping isn't fair, but I don't see why public employees should become the next whipping boy so the rich can get richer with their tax breaks and feed lines of BS that companies will start hiring in this economic crisis. I agree with bbadeepster, there are jobs out there. They may not be glamorous, and they may not be desireable, but man, suck it up and do what you gotta do. I know if I lost my job I wouldn't be sitting on my laurels whining about it on, my butt would be out combing wherever to get re-employed. What is frightening is that the wealthy elite would have us believe that they're going to put every unemployed & underemployed person back to work if they get what they want from the government. Really? Really? The rich in this country became so on the backs of the less fortunate. First slaves on plantations, then reaping the benefits of land won by killing Native Americans or forcing them to live on reservations, places invented by the government & wrought with poverty, alcoholism and drugs (and no, the casinos don't make them money as people think, only near very large cities are they even marginally profitable), and later exploiting children and immigrants, until finally the world realized people have rights. Finally, after WWII, and every other civilized nation was annihalated & disabled from war, the US capitalized on not having competition in the auto & steel markets - our hayday - the good old days in the 50s & 60s where the American Dream came true. Now there's no subgroup left to exploit - so lets go after the police, firefighters, CSB workers & teachers, those who do the most to preserve society, but make sure we leave the double dipping highly paid politicians alone, since they can ensure our wealthiest citizens receive tax cuts.

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Traficanti calls CSB raises ‘unconscionable’

(even when we aren't able to feed our families). It is time for these overfed hogs to join the real work and get major pay & benefit cuts.

Really, db2, really???? By your ability to spell and write gramatically correct sentences, I would venture to say you're educated. I would further venture to say that with your writing skills, you are well employed (or have been and are enjoying a good retirement), so my observations on this account lead me to the inference that you are very likely NOT having trouble feeding your children. There are plenty of less capable and less intelligent people out there who hold good jobs, perhaps it is your poor attitude that has you without one if you are unemployed.

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Traficanti calls CSB raises ‘unconscionable’

Folks, come on, those of you thumbing your nose at CSB workers, who are overworked in probably the most stressful job possible, at risk of their lives on many occasions, dare question honoring raises previously promised?? You know what? I'm sick & tired of hearing "the economy, the economy, the economy" Government needs to protect the safety of the citizens. That means police & fire protection, CSB workers, and good schools with good teachers. How do you expect your house, your family, and your kids to be served and protected??? For crying out loud, the economy is the reason to make public jobs more welcoming - God knows the work is thankless, and undervalued. Those of you with your cushy jobs & private businesses that can afford to ignore the problems of unemployment & poverty and send your kids to private school, and pay taxes on a home in a city or town with little crime, God bless you, but for God's sake, don't criticize those who do the most noble of work, to be treated with the most little regard.

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Bus fracas wasn’t just boy’s fault, mom says

Thanks opddad. I would also like to point out to the readers, particularly with comments such as...
"... in the civilized world there are rules and laws to live by"
Kids like Matt Spain never make it to the "civilized world". They don't plan on practicing for job interviews, because they never plan to work. There are more & more of these kids (or maybe have always been, I don't know) walking around the schools all the time - often in Youngstown, but not exclusively. Lazy, live off the government mentality (or live off crime mentality) is epidemic. Can we really blame the kids for this attitude when they can't name for you one relative, one adult with whom they are close, who even has a job???? I wouldn't be shocked if teachers in Youngstown reported as many as 40% of students, if surveyed, never plan to work when they grow up. Many will tell you they will be pro atheletes or rappers, but truthfully, few plan on making a living the old fashioned way - by hard work. I am back now to my soapbox about urban social problems. While a noble idea in Roosevelt's era, and a necessary protector from destitution after the Great Depression, the manner in which Welfare and other Social Programs have been implemented have devastated the inner cities of America. Why bother with Education Reform if you're not going to start with Social Reform??? Write your congressman & senators today!

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Report: Student taunted bus riders with gun

Well, most likely we won't be able to read a story on that states that this student was charged & imprisoned;

...and I stand corrected! With full video! Well at least we got to find out that the perpetrator is behind bars - for the time being at least.

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Bus fracas wasn’t just boy’s fault, mom says

Folks, I am astonished at the number of people suggesting counseling who still don't get it! At 17, with this pattern of behavior??? This boy is lost for good unless he recieves an Epiphany from God and a long term residential facility with a strong reputation. Counseling is for kids who don't lie or manipulate, whose parents follow up on the treatment, and who want to be helped.

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Family releases bus incident video - Explicit Content

Censordship, I've become a fan of your posts. Largely, you are correct, but if you think Matt Spain is only "moderately" illiterate, you are most likely mistaken. Blame the schools, blame the schools, blame the schools. This boy was like this in middle school, and has probably been on probation since then as well. At what point are the citizens who elect Judge Dellick to her post going to DEMAND she do her job! Countless juvenile delinquents such as this are attending schools in Youngstown every day, yet the Academic Distress Commission and Congress, with their proposed reauthorizations of No Child Left Behind, REFUSE, absolutely REFUSE to understand & accept why kids can't learn when lumped in with these thugs. Terms of the probabtion often DEMAND that these delinquents attend school - not pay attention, not behave, just attend. That's right, so administrators are inadvertently pressured by court officials to maintain disruptive and violent students in school because then it doesn't cost JJC a bed. People really have no clue. Yes, the mentality of this family is par for the course, yet politicians continue to cite the schools and teachers as reasons kids fail. At what point will this country address the social problems for what they really are???? At what point will we as citizens demand it!? I beg of everyone reading this and other posts. Cite this situation and write a letter to your senators, congressman, and any other legislators you feel may have pull with changing the system at large. Censordship has posted repeatedly articles & letters about the social welfare system and its connection with Urban crime rates. This person is correct. That is where it needs to start, and those of us paying taxes to promote this way of life in Youngstown, are just as responsible as the politicians if we don't speak up and demand that they, and as well Judge Dellick, do their jobs.

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Report: Student taunted bus riders with gun

"And, it is not completely true that the child can only be out so long. It is likely he will be either on home instruction (teacher visits to home) or on home instruction (pretend he is being educated on a school computer at home with mother supervising). Bad behavior leads to less school. Sounds like a good deal."

Well, most likely we won't be able to read a story on that states that this student was charged & imprisoned; however, I beg to differ about the validity of my claim that he'll be back in school at UPLC if not jailed. 45 days is the maximum allowable amount of time a disabled student may spend in a more restrictive setting if not ordered incarcerated by the courts, so yes, Psycher99, this student will be back at UPLC this school year if he is not incarcerated as a result of this and/or other offenses. He's likely on probation already, which I speculate may be the reason he's not been charged yet. Once the JJC cronies figure out just how to handle the situation (if at all), the chips will fall. I just feel bad for the kids & adults on that bus who were fearful for their lives, particularly if they knew this teenager was a loose cannon & dangerous, with a lethal weapon in hand.

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Report: Student taunted bus riders with gun

@ wolfen, The courts won't give him probation. If you read the article carefully it states that while a police report was made "NO CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED"... thank you very much Youngstown City Prosecutors!!!! The state of Ohio cannot figure out why children in the Youngstown City Schools cannot pass high stakes tests - DUH! If you had to sit in class with kids like this because the juvenile court does very little to rid the streets, and more importantly, the schools, from violent juvenile offenders, how do you think you would perform???? As far as code of conduct goes, Mr. Allen himself stated this was a special needs student, so guess what that means? The child was already in the most restrictive placement other than a residential facility (aka jail), or home, if the City of Youngstown doesn't lock him up, he goes back to UPLC. They can only keep special needs students out for so many days. As far as bus contracts in the Youngstown City Schools go, I'm curious how that's supposed to change anything... what about the 40-50% of parents who refuse to sign & return the contracts? Will their children be denied the privilege of transportation??? I think NOT! So what a waste of copy paper & ink that was! Let me guess, the kids whose parents did the right thing & signed the contracts will be the only ones held accountable if their behavior is unacceptable at any point in time; of course, "unacceptable" is a relative term when you're forced day in & day out dealing with such large numbers of children being brought up to disobey & disregard authority. I'm curious, just exactly how can two adults in charge, whose directions are to be followed by students, can possibly "pick a fight" with him??? This mentality is debated on a daily basis around the city, and I don't get it, if an adult's in charge, they're in charge, if the kid doesn't like it, tough, don't come to school & the parents should rot in jail if they refuse to support the process. How people get away with this generation after generation is beyond me!

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Boardman school board hears about special-education services

Exactly! In 1974, the first special education mandates were passed (PL 94-142) The first of many "Education of the Handicapped" laws. Why is it so surprising that over the course of 30+ years more children would be found to be in need of services when their needs - for centuries - were ignored. Part of government's responsibility is to meet the needs of the people, and when there are members of the population that need services beyond the "normal", why is it so unpopular to do the right thing? We service our elderly with social security and medicare, because it's the right thing to do, is it not right to service our disabled without complaint? Are the school districts and the state of Ohio speaking out rationally if they say, "the goal is to reduce the number of students with diabilities from 20% to 15%." Is ignoring their needs, the way this country did 50 years ago, the way to go? Are we not evolving toward the positive? This increase in numbers of disabled students in Boardman, is it not commensurate with an overall increase in population over the last 30 years due to migration from Youngstown City to the suburban areas? If you have more overall pupils, will you not, by extension, have more disabled? As the national rise in Autism spectum diagnoses explodes, does it not make sense that more of those kiddos will be appearing in school?? Kids are kids, love them and serve them - period.

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