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Cruze sales down 20 percent, up 8 percent overall

Funny how "record sales" always follows "record recalls."

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The Lemon Grove on its third name, business model

Enjoyed that! Thanks, everybody, for the laughs. Seriously, I think we're all on the same page and have been from jump. Too funny...

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Blasts shatter post-race euphoria

truth: Funny, me and my son immediately thought there might have been a connection too. Hard to believe we're actually thinking this way.

cambridge: "Muslims" ??

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What’s the reason for high gas prices?

The reason? Because they CAN. The list of reasons gets longer and the laughs on us get louder. Oil speculation is almost a sport now, isn't it? Oh, and don't do us any favors by updating our public transportation system or actually designing state-of-the-art passenger trains, okay? Nah, so what if the rest of the world is ahead of us by decades. We're apparently happy to continue our love affair with our vehicles and our addiction to gas pumps.

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Some business owners say minimum wage hike forcing cuts

Right on, Attis. Let all those who are crying over this increase find a place to live, a car to get to work, insurance to cover themselves, food to sustain themselves, and maintain electric, heat and water bills on $7.70 an hour. Are you kidding?! We are about 20 years behind, thanks to the blood-sucking greed and profit-makes-the-world-go-round pigs.

And as for you, Little Leanne, close up and buy yourself a laundromat! -disgusted

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Dr. Oz criticized for juice warning

All of a sudden the FDA decides to step up to the plate and comment on this. Meanwhile, for decades store shelves have been stocked with boxed, canned, packaged foods, toiletries, and beauty care items impregnated with all kinds of toxins, inviting chronic illnesses/diseases and obesity. Wake up, people, and smell the "toxins"!

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Ex-DJ gets 51 months in prison for child porn

Hmmm, makes you wonder about the 22 people who supported him. Really? Three videos and 238 child porn images, including sex acts?! Nothing wrong with that picture, eh?

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Deli founder Rose Kravitz dies

My condolences to the family and friends of Rose Kravitz. Loved the fact that she was so involved with the business and so appreciative of its customers by always greeting them and making sure everything was satisfactory. Kudos, Rose, for creating a warm and friendly place to eat (a lost art these days)! God bless. May you rest in peace.

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16-year-old shot to death in Youngstown

Sweep the city for weapons, which apparently are as easily accessible as cell phones. It's the cops and robbers syndrome. Hollywood glamorizes criminals/crimes. The lack of any type of censorship and discipline has resulted in a complete lack of morals and compassion. As a side note, I grew up on the South side and have many, many fond memories. That was back in the days when families ate together, you were proud of your homes and took care of them, you respected your neighbors, and kids played until 10:00 at night without a care in the world. *sigh*

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Local Dems to introduce gas-price bill

Prices of gas go up because THEY CAN, plain and simple. This is the biggest joke ever. Just follow the gasoline price timeline in the last 20-30 years and look at all the inconsistencies. "Hey, gas might go up again tomorrow. Better fill up our tanks today." Guess what, they're going to go up anyways and they've just made huge profits. The public plays right into their hands. There is no justification for what they do. They're greedy bastards and they're milking the public dry!

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