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Demolition starts on one of downtown Youngstown’s biggest eyesores

Right bmanresident, liberal hippies hate when environmental cleanup is done. Especially right next to important natural spaces like the Mahoning River...
But seriously, do you ever stop crying about liberals and actually try to make a difference in the world? Or do you just sit at your computer pecking away at the keys with your Cheeto stained fingers praying for the day Ronald Regan returns in the Neocon rapture and takes you all away to Republican heaven? That magical place free of minorities and gays where no one pays taxes yet are paved with gold.

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Mooney may be on the move to southern Mahoning County

Good job Mooney! You killed the neighborhood your school is in by placing your stadium in the middle of Rush Blvd turning it into a dead end and a haven for crack dealers. Now that the neighborhood by you is completely decimated you want to just pack up and run away. Stay where you are and be part of the solution to the problem you created, don't hide from it.

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Chief wants more cops

If you've ever needed police assistance in the city you know we need more officers. Response times are disgusting.

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President William McKinley's former Poland home to be recognized

He was elected to congress a year after he became president?

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South Side man is turning a vacant lot into a community garden

You complain about the community organizers who get paid a salary. You complain about the crappy condition of the city. But you personally do nothing about it but complain. People who choose to spend their careers improving the community should be allowed to take a salary if private institutions want to give them grant money to pay those salaries. Go do something useful with your life and quit bitching about everyone else you whiny turd.

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Hagan introduces medical marijuana bills

Toy cannon,
WTF are you talking about? Unless you have an intelligent idea, you should probably keep quiet and not let your stupid show.

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Hagan introduces medical marijuana bills

You are absolutely right!

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Hagan introduces medical marijuana bills

Conservatives are the most hypocritical people in the world and you're all showing it here. You say you want government out of your lives but then want to regulate what chemicals a person can put in their body or what two consenting adults can do with each others bodies. You either want government out of your lives or you don't. Pick a side and leave the rest of us alone.

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Hagan introduces medical marijuana bills

The younger generation already sees adults drink alcohol. How is weed any different?

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Leetonia library sponsors limerick fest

I know a limerick!
There once was a man from Nantucket...

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