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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

Panick01 the proof is in the evidence - watch the video. I did not see prevention from anybody. I don't know anybody in this video! So I would consider myself a pretty neutral third party. All I saw were 10 or more kids come up to this family's private residence obvisiously to go after the one kid. Prevention would have been telling them that it was a bad idea driving there in the first place! Come on you can't be serious? The group of kids was clearly in the wrong here!

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

Take Mooney out of it and take Canfield out of it. You see 10 guys at one guys private residence, obviously turned in for the night without a shirt, being dragged to ground, kicked multiple times, being shoved multiple times and being punched multiple times by a majority of the guys there. What else is there to say? So the ONE kid may have started it, so what, the fact is TEN kids were going after that ONe kid at his private residence. I can't think of many defense's to that? And judging from the the shirt being off the kid, the alleged initial incident that prompted the retaliation had to happen some time before this, meaning they planned the damn thing! I don't think the kids are dredge of the Earth by any means, but come on people - in this situation- Im sorry- because its hard to see both sides. Clearly the 10 kids were in the wrong here. END of story!

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

10 guys versus 1 guy - forget the schools or area these kids were from. What the heck were they thinking. I saw the video - they were punching and kicking that kid in multiples! Their lucky the kid did not get seriously hurt from that altercation because their charges could be a heck of lot worse. Give me a break that they were good kids - they were stupid kids. 10 guys versus 1 guy - again what more is there to say? Remember the Florida Youtube video - this is similar.

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Forum files for Chapter 11

youngstowner - the insurance company's and their contracting methods are the reason for the poor payments. Its not Medicaid that is making payments bad, but the middle men that the state contracts with that are dictating what will be paid out and most of the time its inadequate. Medicare and Medicaid have historically some of the best reimbursement systems.

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Nicolinni’s Ristorante coming to Boardman

It seems like they have been opening this restaurant for the longest!

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