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Struthers BMV site closing Saturday

dear cathy collins taylor and carolyn williams, also gov strickland. you should be ashamed. This is the worst administration i have ever seen in 26 years of loyal and dedicatied service . Mr. Farmer has given 200 %. He has employees that would follow him to hell and back why because he is what we believe in the truth and honesty that this country was built on what happened to that my vote is to bring mitchell brown back to the dmv. at least we knew where we stood his way or not at all we knew right from wrong he made no excuses this bidiing process is so corrupt. check your facts as i would hope the attorney generAL would except oh yah he is appointed too so many rumors and mis information has been thrown into this mix the facts are terry farner and his staff have been given some of the highest scores in the state their customer service rates can not be topped in less then 45 dAYS OVER 6500 PEOPLE CAME IN TO HIS OFFICE AD STATED THAT IT WOULD BE A HARDSHIP IF HE WOULD BE CLOSED GOV STICKLAND BE ASHAMED I WILL NEVER BE ASHAMED TO ,SAY TERRY FARMERI IS A IRREPLACEABLE COMMODITY.ALSO MY FRIEND. AB=VER BE ASHAMED

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Struthers fights move of BMV license center to Poland


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School’s name triggers group’s ire

unfortunately i did not get a chance to go to wilson high school they sent me to the new east high but almost all my family has (aunts, uncles, and cousins) have went and graduated from wilson i just dont see the point in changing the name of the south side school after all these years any one from the south side that went to public schools has went to wilson its been its name since 1928 over 50 years blacks and whites have been goin to wilson and hasent been a problem for any one who is this guy that wants to protest it wheres he from did he go to wilson what bussiness does he have?

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Struthers fights move of BMV license center to Poland

politics again, have you ever been to the struthers office. They have the most courteous and the most knowlegable employees. If they do not know the answer they will find the answer for you, they have opened early and closed late all for the convenance of their customers, how i know this is i was a customer of theirs while they were stilll known as east side merchants in youngstown. i will not go anywhere else, they still have the same original employees. to bad the bmv does not reward good service and dedication the way there customers have.

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