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A matter of survival


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Man who gave voice to Mickey Mouse dies

OMG i can't believe that guy died! i always loved micky mouse! now who will do his woice on the mouse house, or that show he's in?

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Baking teaches kids several subjects at once

hey this is cool that people are acually teaching kids how to cook and at the same time teaching them things about their holy communion! it's great what teachers are teaching these days! i really want to be a kid in these times! :D

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Do you favor Cinemark USA’s policy requiring parents or guardians to attend weekend movies with their minor children?

i think as a minor myself, we should be trusted enough to go to the movies with our buddies! i think it's rude to take away somthing as simple as watching a movie. this new rule is CRAP!

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Undersea adventure lures kids to explore books

hey this is a really cool article!!!

February 6, 2009 at 9:08 a.m. suggest removal

Program educates jailed juveniles

heyyyy this is sooooo cooollllllliiiiooooooo ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

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Winter dance set for special-needs students

omg thats sooo great that someone is doing this for the special needs children. its really great that someone cares!!!!

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