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Trumbull engineer forbids workers to donate sick time to help worker with cancer

IT is a HUMAN issue. We should be able to help others especially when there are people trying to give generous gifts. I had breast cancer and I have a handicapped child and have needed alot of latitude at my job. People stepped in to help when they could and no one was ever told to not do it. I don't work for union or have a government job but I know that when people are trying to help the rules or regulations should be checked at least before making a stand or decision. Someone said that Randy Smith is a nice guy. Maybe he is but, he sure doesn't understand how to try and work with his employees. I can't imagine any employer that wouldn't allow others to help when someone needed the extra hand. We live in a society that has so many terrible things happen everyday why can't something good happen instead?? How do you expect any of his employees to have any respect for him?? They only do because they have to!! I hope and pray that Nancy Guerini gets exactly what she needs and others are allowed to help her.

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