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Dogs at kennel found dead || GRAPHIC PHOTOS

I think this story is so sad. You would have to be out of your right mind to sit there and just let a dog starve to death. I have 5 cats,2 turtles, and an iguana and my husband is the only one that works. We have hard times too. All the time and we would never let our animals starve to death.

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Report concludes ‘significant’ errors made in death of Liberty woman

I'd have to agree with Tugboat. Yes, there is always the chance that when you get involved your putting yourself in danger, but a person only gets one life and if I can attempt to save that persons life you better believe that I'm going to go out there and attempt to help.

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Judge denies bail for suspect in city’s worst mass murder

I think the firemen going after Davis for more charges is riducilous. I don't think it can get any worse then whats going to happen to him now. That's there job. Maybe everyone should file charges on other people at our jobs when we get hurt. Suck it up, he's probably already going to die. Isn't that enough?

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Death of boy, 12, saddens Girard

This story is very sad.

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Davis guilty on all counts

I think this case is one of the worst that I have read about. It really upsets me when i read the newspaper and I see that children have died in another house fire, but what upsets me the most about this case is it was intentionally set. As I read about this case in the newspaper I have mixed feelings. Sometimes I feel that Michael Davis is too young to get the death penalty, but those children were also way too young to die also. I'm sure that if I would have known the family or was related I would want him to get the death penalty too. I know that God will do what is best for this Michael Davis kid. My condolences to the family and friends of the grandmother, mother, and children. Even though I don't know then, I think about them all the time.

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