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No change, no levy support

I should qualify my “paid off” comment with “if I read the auditor form correctly.” Sorry, I meant to include that.

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No change, no levy support

At least Barb signed her name. I give her credit for that. That being said it also allows you to search her home on the auditor’s website. A couple clicks reveals she lives in a home with a market value over $248,000, and it is paid off. At some point in her life she made a decent enough buck and certainly can afford to support the children of her community. If in fact she is near retirement (assuming she’s not retiring at age 50) she’ll also qualify for the homestead reduction at some point in the life of the levy. While it won’t cover the tax increase for a home worth as much as hers, it at least should make it manageable.

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Poland residents grill officials about proposed levy

Likewise we're allowed to disagree with you and want what's best for our kids. You're allowed to think something is wrong and allowed to take steps to resolve those issues. For each person who feels there is a problem there are plenty of us who feel our kids get a great, well rounded, excellent education. We also feel it and our teachers are worth paying for and don't mind the money that is being spent. My point is voting no on a levy doesn't solve the problems you feel exist. As for moving it's the age old if you think the grass is greener - go. It seldom is. I'm certainly allowed to make the suggestion. It's within my right.

As for comparisons, at what point were comparisons to national averages made? I heard plenty of local and state comparisons.

Really many of us are just tired of your same old complaints that hold little value when looked at rationally. Honestly this back and forth banter on a message board solves very little. Hopefully someone with common sense comes across you at a social setting and you're open minded enough to listen.

I know you'll vote no. You'll get what you deserve. Sadly my kids will get it right along with you. I guess I can always move. Right?

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Poland residents grill officials about proposed levy

While you may have some facts your thinking is skewed. You hear what you want and refuse to hear anything else. There are MANY facts and figures you fail to hear because they don't fit your agenda. Like always I hope rational people would hear everything before they form their opinion and not just base it on the half truths you continually spew. That horse is dead. BTW I have one word for people like you - MOVE!

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Students share lunch with USDA official, Browns player

Truly scary that we have to even involve the government in feeding our kids. Sure there are those that need a helping hand. Clearly this is more than a helping hand. Even scarier to me is that we have to have government entities to explain, check and require that a lunch is healthy. Have we really become such lemmings that we can't determine or provide that for ourselves or our kids? Scary.

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Schools prepare for third-grade reading guarantee

This isn't about kids. It's about money. Someone will be making a ton of it. Think the tests that show a students reading level or lack there of are free? Follow the money and you'll have your answer. Testing is big bucks and someone is raking it in - at your and our children's expense.

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School board OKs placing 5.9-mill levy on Nov. ballot

Majority? Say honest.

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UPDATE: Baseball's Roger Clemens acquitted of all charges

Great use of time and money investigating that. What a waste!

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School board OKs placing 5.9-mill levy on Nov. ballot

That response again is typical, but not any where near the reality. I'm only asking because you said you understand school funding.

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School board OKs placing 5.9-mill levy on Nov. ballot

Pretty much the response I expected. Anyone else?

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