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Don’t let academic integrity slip; vote for South Range schools tax

I know I shouldn’t feed the wildlife but I just can’t help but comment in case someone believes this charter school hog wash. Charter schools don’t lessen the burden of property owners on funding schools. Charter schools cost tax payers the same as local public schools and in some cases cost them even more. The only thing charter schools succeed in doing is funneling tax payer funds into the pockets of already wealthy business men who are in the for profit education business. At least if your tax money is going to a local union teacher they’re stimulating your local economy. David Brennan isn’t spending his millions in your town. Not to mention the charter school experiment has been an abysmal failure. There are a lot of issues with school funding. Your kid’s teacher isn’t the problem and should be the least of your concerns. Continue to believe the smoke and mirrors that would have you believe otherwise and you’ll eventually get what you deserve, but sadly my kid will get it right along with you. Fix school funding and save good public education.

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Poland school board OKs consolidation of schools

Poland needs to be very careful. They are in a serious catch 22. They in fact have 2 historical buildings each at 130+ years of age. Shiny and new is hard to resist especially amidst chronic repair issues that creep up with any building let alone those in the age bracket of the two historical buildings. Is it cost effective to renovate or do you build new? There likely isn’t an easy answer and certainly there will be people on both sides of the aisle. Buyer must be ware. Shiny and new comes with its own issues, the least of which may be the 50+million dollar price tag. Are the people of Poland willing to pull the plug on two historic buildings and in essence sign their execution papers? Are they willing to enter into an agreement with the state which comes with its own strings? The state may give you a % of the money but that money will come with conditions. Are they willing to vote for additional mileage to build AND maintain these new facilities? The state kick in of 19% is pretty pathetic and the additional 81% a tough pill to swallow even for those who deeply care for the schools and its students. Can you afford to do nothing? Can you afford to do anything? Past history tells us new construction hasn’t been a great choice for other districts. Two local districts with recent construction are both in the news of late for funding issues. Could Poland decide to build just to end up the next South Range? Or is all of this the master plan of the state to force public districts to bankruptcy so they can initiate a takeover and force consolidation? Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Possible? Yes. Who knows? For certain the answers won’t come easy and there will be much debate. Although I may have to disagree that the idea to build/remodel is simply a need to keep up with the Joneses. I hardly see replacing/renovating buildings 130+ years old as a vanity issue.

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Fewer people take, pass more difficult GED test

Pearson- same folks who brought Ohio’s schools
There’s a reason that backward it spells CCRAP.
When people fail the tests guess who will be more than happy to sell them workbooks and study aids to do better next time? That’s right. Pearson. Follow the money people. None of this is about helping kids or people. It’s so much deeper and devious than just this. Do some research. It’s not too late…yet.

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Community group criticizes city schools

Certain people are getting unnecessarily worked up. He isn’t speaking about parents who come into the schools. He’s speaking about what isn’t happening at home for these students. Quit blaming him because he dared to speak the truth and start doing something about a prevailing culture that finds the life many of these students go home to acceptable. Chances are good that if you heard/read his comments and where offended he wasn’t talking about you. But there are plenty of absent parent(s) he was obviously talking to.

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Apple bringing iPads and more to Chaney campus

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t begrudge a helping hand when one is needed and certainly I am willing to help those in the community in times of need, but enough is enough. The districts that are receiving these grants already receive a disproportionate amount of school state funding. Check your “wealthy” districts, the ones that receive less than 20% funding from the state. They have nothing of the kind for their students. The biggest lie in all of this is straight from the President and his initiative, “Through this program, Apple is joining President Obama’s ConnectED Initiative, which was designed to enrich K-12 education for every student in America.” Every student in America my a$$!
How many school levies are on the ballot next month? Too many. But the reality is many of those districts have to continue to ask their local residents for more because the state over funds urban districts and all the while the poor districts continue to receive these wonderful “grants.” Wonder how many of the districts with levies on the ballot have devices for all their high school students and such that Chaney received?
We keep throwing good money after bad in an attempt to create a level playing field and provide opportunities to those less fortunate and it’s not working. In one way or another some of that grant money is your money as well as various amounts of tax money that never come back to your local district and in the end your kid will be the one disadvantaged. Wake up and actually demand equal funding and equal opportunity in our schools because it isn’t happening and not the way you think.
Congrats to Chaney. You can blame them for taking what's given to them, but seriously enough already.

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Sterling punished harshly; where’s freedom of speech?

It’s always about money. On a side note it speaks volumes about our social and moral fiber that everyone is appalled at what he said but not appalled at the fact that he spoke the words to his mistress/lover. That should be equally as offensive to us, but it isn’t. I know men have taken mistresses since the beginning of time. It doesn’t make it right.

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Despite Brown V. Bd of Ed decision, education remains segregated

Schools are only a portion of the percentage in the equation when it comes to success. Families play a large roll in the overall achievement of students. You can bus every kid in the city to the suburbs. That will not guarantee success. Truly when you speak of "educational tools" the reality is urban schools have far more resources than their suburban counterparts. It's not popular to say but it is the truth. Why is there an achievement gap? Time to look beyond schools. The answer isn't there.

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Boardman lobbies legislators for help toward new school

The unfortunate reality is this is how school funding works in general. “Wealthier” districts are given far less of the total school funding dollars. Very little of any tax money wealthy districts send to the state comes back to them. They are expected to locally fund every aspect of their community’s schools and this includes building ventures as well. Certainly I understand that less fortunate districts will require more assistance and am happy to help to a point. The real numbers are truly disturbing if you live in one of the so called wealthy districts. The state expects you to foot the bill at a local level for about 80% if not more of educational costs. The unfortunate truth is the fine people of Boardman have built plenty of new buildings over the years. They just built them for the students in Youngstown, Struthers, Austintown, Hubbard…the list goes on. Canfield and Poland are is similar spots. They’ll never have enough money to replace aging buildings with local funds and the state says they should. Look around. Both of those so called wealthy districts have one or more buildings well over 100 years old and no prospects for ever replacing them. Until people wake up and insist on equal funding that equally follows a student it will always be this way and you’ll always be asked to pass additional levies.

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FBI investigates Tenn.-based CCA prison company

Fantastic! Let's turn our schools over to private for profit businesses too. Oh wait...

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You know it's cold when ice skating warms you up

I'll second that!

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