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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

And by the way, accusing you of stalking officer craig is not a crime. Just a simple point of view on my part. I get that from the posts you leave on here. You even listen in on his and staff conversations. Something you have no business doing. Then posting the converstation on here. You dont see something wrong with that? Do you see something wrong with continuously calling the court to see when the next court date is? Or telling everyone to go get this police report? Come on...Your delusional! And no Im not Officer Craig. I dont even live in your area.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge


I think you should finish school. LOL They have this new thing where you can take your classes online. Heck, you dont even have to leave your house. You can take your classes and wait for your check to arrive all in the same day. LOL I may have made a few spelling mistakes mostly because of typing in the dark. See, I dont get home until late since I have to work. You should be thanking me for sending you money. I have seen numerous spelling and grammer errors you have made. You say your "..." are to help with the flow of your comments, but tell you the truth it makes for boring reading. Im not sure if you know this, but a period is only one dot. If you want to be the vindy english teacher get your grammer straight first. Or hire someone to type your comments on my buck.

And trust me buddy, I take offense to anything you say about my spelling. I look at it this way...Im not disabled. You dont know any better, and have nothing else better to do. Just to let you know, Walmart hires your kind and will work around your schedule. All you have to do is hand out stickers. Or is that to hard? LOL LOL LOL Im sure it is though, why work when you get a check to stalk people and sit at home all day.

I just find it amazing for find the strenght to get out and about to stalk Officer Craig, but then your struggle to get out and work. But what else can I say for the youngstown area. I dont have to say prove my point without a word.

Quit being vendictive and a stalker. You are a criminal. Next time dont be stupid and take the deal. lol Oh yeah, since you cant afford your fine, Im sure the court will take monthly payments.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

to tell me to get a job and call me a bum when i can hardly walk and feel pain in most of my joints...

They must not be to bad when you seem to find strength to stalk officer craig.

And for the social security doctor which found you to be a cripple, he to has found numerous people which are perfectly capable of working a so called cripple.

P.S. You forgot to leave a follow up comment on your own federal crimes which were a part of. Get a job.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge


I think we might have found a job you can handle with your given medical condition. You should become an english teacher. These buildings also have handicap access and parking. Good Luck buddy with your new career. Quit living off of us.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge


You have truely lost your mind! If I hear one more time about your medical conditions, I to will be just as delusional as you are.

You say that you have witnessed crimes that Struthers police officers have committed. Yet you did nothing to stop these so called assaults and criminal acts. I think someone needs to contact the FBI and make them aware of your statements. Hopefully you will be federally arrested! You are a criminal yourself for letting these happen.

I hope these charges against Officer Craig will be dismissed as soon as possible due to lack of evidence. When or if this happens, Gabriel will be the first one to start crying. Maybe Officer Craig will plea to something lessor. Which ever happens it will be none of yours or my business. Mike, I want to send you on field trip. You pick the court house in any city and state. Watch people take different deals to lessor charges. It happens everyday. Oh year Mike, dont worry they have handicapped ramps at every court house. You are not the victim here Mike. You should have taken the deal yourself on your criminal charge. LOL

And by the way social security dont determine people to be dissabled. Just ask the entire east and south side of Youngstown who gets the same check you do. Just a reason not to work. You seem to get out and about when Officer Craig has a court hearing. GET A JOB BUM! Quit living off of us tax payers.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

Gabreil Sr,

Lets get something straight here. I dont listen to anything you have to say on here, and dont waste my time reading your silly posts. Its hard to believe someone that raises a theif of a son. Officer Craig is a good man and great officer. He has arrested murders and rapists. He deals with the filth in our city which you have first hand knowledge of. He made a stupid mistake which Im sure he would never do it again. This mistake is one we all have made in our pasts. So I for one forgive him, and cant wait for him to be protecting the streets of Struthers again.

Of course you wouldnt want him having a gun...what criminal does? You not liking him makes me like him that much more.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

Well considering it happened around 4am in the morning I highly doubt the kids were up.

Come on now they are no different than us. If they should be held to a higher standard then why make them pay taxes like every other common person. We should have common people carrying them around on their shoulders through the streets.

If you feel that everyone that speaks a threat should be arrested...then every person in the world would have spent time in jail. LOL! The next time I hear a mother or father say "I would kill someone if someone touched my child", I will be calling the police department to pursue charges.'

Some of the people on here have no clue whats going on in his life and what hes dealing with. Some people just make up flat out lies and people for some reason beleive these fraudulant posters. my my

Like one other person said...if it was some common citizen most people on here would be defending him.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

I just dont see how this would be DV. Never once did he threaten or strike his wife. All he did was threaten his wife's parents. Im sure that 99% of the people in this country have threatened to harm someone in their lives, and what .01% have been arrest for it?

And to those that think police officers should be held to a higher standard... blank you! They are people like everyone else. They put their pants on like everyone else...not rebots. They make mistakes to.

For the girl that posted hes a bad father. You are truely mistaken and telling lies. You truely make me sick. This man would do anything and everything for his children. He has fought for them in court, given them anything they want and need. Shame on you!!!

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