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McDonald school board inquires about fiscal status

If you were at the meeting, the treasurer stated that we owe the Ohio School Facilities Commission $533,000 for Roosevelt - money that was spent by the district that shouldn't have been spent. As far as the 10.75 mill levy, it was in the brochure that the school district handed out and publicly stated at the meeting at OLPH church and every coffee klatch that the Commission would determine the amount that the district would collect, that it would only let the district collect what it would need. Once the Commission is gone, what happens? The BOE can collect what it wants and spend what it wants.

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McDonald school board inquires about fiscal status

facts101 - What facts are wrong? Were you at the meeting? I was and there were several options that were presented. Option 1 - keep all the levy's on, increase teacher salaries 1% a year, each year in 2013, 2014 and 2015, buy two buses, pay back the state for costs related to Roosevelt and the ending balance is $2.9 million. Option 2 - all of the same as above except reduce the 10.75 to 6.75 and the balance is $800,000. Option 3 - all of the same as above except collect the 10.75, don't put the 4.9 levy back up for renewal and the balance is $1.6 million. Let me know what facts I have wrong.

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McDonald school board inquires about fiscal status

The commission is the best thing that happened to this district, the last thing we need is to have them leave too early, before we can get a whole new board in place. Through the work of the commission, the district is in the black to the tune of $370,000, despite paying the state back over $1 million. This BOE (with the exception of Miles and Dugan) spent enough money to put the district $2 million in debt. Now they are telling us that if they collect the full 10.75 mills on the levy that was just passed that they will have a balance of $2.9 million in 5 years! What does the 10.75 generate over the 5 years? $2.9 million. The commission allowed the BOE to place the 10.75 with the agreement that the commission would set the collection rate and reduce the levy amount to only what the district would need. What happens if the commission leaves now? My guess is that the BOE collects the 10.75 and spends it all, just like they did before. People need to start to come to meetings and let the BOE know how they feel about this. They pretty much lied to all of us.

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Things that make a great town

ohgirl - never said that I didn't EVER want to pass a levy, just think that the levy at this time is too high when not all information is known. I want to support my community but I also want to have a life! Seniors on fixed incomes will have a hard time paying for this. I haven't seen a raise in 2 years, had an illness that took a huge chunk of my savings and my costs keep going up! Put on a levy in November that factors in the impact of Kasich's budget and it will be at a millage that people can afford and that I can support.
By the way, only 11 homes were sold in McDonald last year and 60 homes are on the brink of foreclosure. Look around to see how many homes are empty or have been for sale for months. If people walk away from their houses, there won't be any property taxes collected. If you can afford this, that's great, you're lucky. Some of us can't.

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Levy committee has provided facts

Philo - you make some very valid points!

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Everybody has to make cuts

meagain - you make some very valid points. There is a lot wrong with the way education is funded in Ohio, especially open enrollment. If you only get $4,800 for a student that lives in your district, why should you get $5,800 for an open enrollment student? How about vouchers? If you want to send your child to a private or parochial school, that's your choice and you should pay the entire cost of it. Why should a public school district pay for that?

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Levy committee has provided facts

McDonald Levy - I still can't understand why the board hid this from the community. The letter writer asks us to forget about who knew what and when, but this is just too much! Were they hiding this so that there wasn't any competition in the November 2009 election? Is a seat on the board worth putting the community in a $2.1 million dollar hole?

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Levy committee has provided facts

McDonald Levy - I really don't understand how the news media knows that a credit card wasn't used properly and residents are just now finding this out. Questions have been asked of this board time and again and this was NEVER mentioned. Is this supposed to instill confidence that the board is doing their job? It seems that this board is all about lies, threats and hiding the truth from us. Can we believe anything that they are saying?

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Things that make a great town

I never said that I knew more than the experts, I'm just looking at the information available, talking to our treasurer and members of the commission, trying to understand what all of this means for our district. I realize and recognize that until the budget passes, nobody knows what the true impact will be. According to your post, there are increases for 421 districts in 2012 and 405 in 2013 and there are districts that will see reductions of 10% or more. I agree with that because it's been published in more than one place. McDonald happens to be one of the lucky 421 districts, confirmed by the state members of the commission overseeing the district. The commission indicated that the district will know in June what they can expect to receive from the state. All I wanted to point out is that the BOE should have waited to see how the budget would impact the district and place an appropriate levy on the ballot in November.

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Things that make a great town

The BOE is asking for a 10.75 mill levy based on their 5 year forecast that assumes that the district will receive $6.1 million in total revenue for both 2012 and 2013. If the proposed budget passes as is, those revenue numbers will be $6.5 million for both 2012 and 2013. That is not a loss.

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