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Tires causing problems in Hubbard Township

In lieu of the above, a $10 or so disposal deposit can be applied to the cost of every new tire. The revenues generated can be used to provide "free" disposal of all used tires at public locations similar to current recycling locations.

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Tires causing problems in Hubbard Township

The only way I see this being reduced would be for the state to license and tax every tire-changing machine in the state. Every tire-changing machine can be considered to be a "waste generator." The registry thus created could be used for investigations. Every tire is/can be serial numbered, and the "changer" of all tires be required to record the tire serial numbers changed at every tire-changing machine. To do sting operations, investigators could take vehicles with "marked" tires to be changed at the various shops, and then see where the used tires end up. Grinding the serial numbers off of the tires to be made a felony.

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Public outcry continues over Hard Rock's dumping in Youngstown

Without a question society needs fossil fuels. Also I believe that most legitimate corporations will try to do things lawfully to avoid PR problems, fines, and lost profits.
The gangster corporation(s) should face grand jury interrogation of all of its employees and known associates. If this has been going on awhile, then it could be considered "engaging in a pattern of corrupt activities." Especially if the state wasn't getting its "fee," which is technically a tax.

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Documents: CEO Lupo directed illegal dump of brine

If everything was looked into thoroughly, it would be found that organized crime and capitalist gangsters are involved. Most large corporations at least try to do things right, as they are risk-averse and are trying to avoid liability that impacts profit. The corporate people pay a fortune to haul the worthless materials around. The state gets a fee (tax) from 1509.22(H). The locally-owned industrialist or service provider knows in his shrewdness how to extract a fast extra profit. No Risk=No Profit. Most locally-owned or managed industrial firms I've worked for have illegally dumped their waste or mixed it in with other waste instead of paying to dispose of it properly. (And nobody had ever seen any asbestos). So to prevent all of this from continuing, the state needs to raise the penalties, fines, and forfeitures to a level that would crush anything but the largest corporation.

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Permanent marker: City tattoo parlor is all for the family

Dollar stores generally locate one per 10-20 thousand people. I don't think that it has much to do with "hard times," but the changing retail dynamics. Walmart locates one per 100k population, so stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar fill in the gaps. I don't consider an area to be "sliding" when dollar stores open, but instead the retailers studying the market demographics and making investments. Now the other types of businesses mentioned by DwightK are signs that demographics are "sliding."

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Forums conclude YSU’s next president should be approachable, civic-minded

Most of us who know economics want a conservative president who will get the most value at the least cost. We don't need a progressive liberal who will throw the money all around and increase the debt load. To be progressive would mean progressively increasing spending, socialist agenda, and progressively increasing tuition. If you want liberal progression, move to NY. You can't get much more progressive than that.

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Youngstown schools get bad news regarding finances

A 1% school district income tax should be placed on the ballot. If they let the city income tax get to 2.75%, then they may as well go for the gusto. The liberals won't believe that 3.75% combined local income tax is too high. In some California communities, 8% local tax is the norm.

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Youngstown schools leaders consider ways to trim deficit

Here's a liberal idea:

Place a 1% school district income tax on the ballot. More than likely it would pass, because SSD, SSI, and other entitled incomes would be exempt. Although the school district isn't co-extensive with city limits, most school district voters are within city limits. The resulting 3.75% combined local income tax in Youngstown city limits should accelerate the flight of wealth and capital to the suburbs, strengthening the real estate market there and increasing county sales tax collections.
How did the city income tax reach 2.75%? The sheeple in Youngstown hate property taxes, but love income taxes because a majority of them have exempt entitlement incomes.

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Expert will examine Youngstown's demolition program

After analysis of the city's website regarding demolition on an ongoing basis, I've found that the city is proceeding too slowly. There are too many steps that can be combined, and I think the reason they have so many steps is so people like Farris' wife can have an easy job manipulating the computer in City Hall's basement. My expert opinion would be to decrease total demo cost per unit while increasing speed by letting larger contracts with performance bonuses. Time is of the essence. At least double the number of units should have been demoed over the time frame the City's public database covers, just to meet prior averages. D-

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UPDATED MONDAY | Covelli not excited by mayor’s idea; see link to what a similar facility is doing

"You can't just demolish your way to success. You have to invest, too."

The private sector should be doing the investments. Demolition recovers the indestructable land for further economical use. It is best to transfer the reclaimed land into private hands, as then reuse will occur far more rapidly than hoarding it in the nonproductive public sector. We will demolish our way to success, as soon as the land can be productively reused by the private sector.

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