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NITRO'S LAW: Former kennel owner arrested

Wow, once again the judicial system proves to us what a crock of crap it truly is...this piece of garbage should never see the light of day again.

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Youngstown police shoot dogs guarding puppies

and LoL, maybe someone should shoot you too.

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Youngstown police shoot dogs guarding puppies

And Jeff L., you are an idiot.

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Youngstown police shoot dogs guarding puppies

Now that is messed up.What is wrong with them??? Sounds like some disciplinary action is in order here. If they would do their jobs, like protecting others from harm, including animals instead of doing the harm themselves, it would actually make some sense.

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Nitro died from Croley’s long-term neglect, suit says

As a veterinarian, it saddens me to realize the suffering Nitro and the other neglected dogs experienced. Dehydration & starvation are extremely painful. This poor excuse for a human being needs to pay and pay dearly. Money will not bring these dogs back, nor will it teach someone as inhumane as this piece of garbagea lesson. I say, make him feel what they did, lock him in a cage and throw away the key. My prayers are with you Liz, and also with the others who have suffered the great loss of their companions. Justice MUST prevail here.

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Former Youngstown kennel owner sued over dog’s death

Four months in jail?? Come on! That's not NEARLY long enough for this scum to sit and think about what he did to these poor, innocent dogs. This jackass should be locked in a cage without food & water. Let him not only think about what he did, but also feel the pain and suffering they did. You will be in my thoughts and prayers Liz, just as Nitro has been. Justice MUST prevail here!!!

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Ohio’s in line for stricter laws against animal abuse

My opinion here is, why make new laws when the existing ones are pretty much ignored?? If these horrible, cruel acts had been committed on humans and not animals, dont you think the outcome would have been different? In my mind and in my heart, I feel that animals suffer ill-treatment no differently than their human counterparts...if this cruel man treats animals in this manner, God only knows what horrible crimes he perpetrates against friends, neighbors, family. I believe the punishment should match the crime, and this horrible man needs to rot in prison for his cruelty. The actions or the lack of such by police and other authorities need to be brought to light as well. How is it that this crime was not handled properly by them? Perhaps we need to look into replacing them with others that would do the job they were hired to do. It seems as if there are mishandled circumstances and situations galore in this sad mess. Or were they simply ignored? The public has the right to know, especially those poor families who lost their beloved pets because of it.

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Latest animal cruelty case exposes bureaucratic flaws

This is ridiculous-if this was a case involving people instead of dogs, there would be no red tape to contend with! These poor dogs should not have been treated any differently than human beings, this horrible, cruel man needs to be brought to justice, and there should be yet another search launched...what was the money & food given him by these dog's owners used for? Justice must be served here, PERIOD!

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Dogs at kennel found dead || GRAPHIC PHOTOS

haman 633, you need to rethink your comment! I wonder how wonderful youd think this murderer is if one of these poor abused souls was your dog. Im amazed at your lack of empathy...

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Dead, emaciated dogs found at kennel || GRAPHIC PHOTOS

This is a travesty! As a veterinarian, I have never seen such horrific abuse in my many years of practice. This person needs to be formally charged, and he needs to spend some time hopefully in prison, to reflect upon choices he made. A slap on the wrist will not serve as restitutation for the heartbroken owners of these poor abused dogs. He must not be set free to perhaps do this again....please, we must get the word out there, we must help these poor people in any way we possibly can.

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