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Mayor Sammarone says Covelli Centre is ‘not an anchor for downtown’

Why did the city need to spend $300,000 for studies, don't we have a financial department that knows how to read the numbers? Then you wonder why the city struggles!

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Camping out to cast first

Tammany Hall will be passing out bread and hot soup! They will also have the dead rabbits making sure you vote often.....

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Lack of clean drug tests to hold back Valley hiring

Chuck is right, if your gonna test workers, its time to start testing everyone who gets Government assistance. And, if you think bringing these "drug free workers" in from other area's, just check the bars around the hotels they stay at after quitting time. BTW, its not all of them, only 90%

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Group hopes to bring up lights at Uptown

When the Newport theater was torn down, another piece of Youngstown history was gone, so I commend Shasta and Ondrea for trying to save another landmark and revive a neighborhood at the same time. As far as security, when the theater was last opened the city provided foot patrols and the uptown was very safe, Im sure this would be the case again. For vandalism, my car has been vandalized twice in the last ten years, both times in the burbs. Bottom line is, I would be a supporter and patron of such an endeavor, If your afraid of the Uptown, stay in the burbs!

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Criminal charge brings some normalcy to the Martin case

"In the meantime, reporters will be doing what they do: trying to find out information that their readers and viewers want to see".
In other words, they will be fabricating stories sighting "Anonymous" as their source! The days of the investigative reporter are over, it's all about dirty laundry!

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Youngstown motorcycle clubs to ride in memory of Trayvon Martin

FLHTCUI, some people just don't get it! You will always have people who will tell you how wrong you, and the world is, and not lift a finger to help or change anything! Its a fact that bikers, as a collective, raise more money nationwide every year, than any charity in the world.....and the money stays right in their communities. Another worthwhile note, almost every event is paid for buy the clubs, so 100% of the money raised goes to the charity.

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