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Time to roll back city tax

Some Taxing Thoughts:

The talk of the WRTA proposing a sales tax levy is nothing more then additional money poured down the drain for an antiquated transit system. I would hope citizens are not foolish enough to pass a sales tax for a system that has long outlived its usefulness. For every dollar a citizen puts in the fare box the federal government and other government agencies put in seven. The budget of the WRTA needs a thorough audit and in particular attention payed to board members travel, expenses, and benefits. Many cities have changed to demand traffic systems rather then route based systems that WRTA uses. Other cities have gone to smaller mini-buses to conserve on fuel. Any simple observation of the number of empty seats on a bus at any given time would surely dictate the need for smaller and or fewer buses. The number of riders is greatly exaggerated by the WRTA management.

The arena project was doomed from the beginning and now the city will have to bear an additional financial burden to support it. It will eventually, as predicted, become the Youngstown flea market. Global has now been fired by two cities, Hidalgo, TX and Youngstown, OH.

Mahoning county bailed out the city of Youngstown's airport, by creating the Western Reserve Port Authority. Another complete bottomless pit of tax money.

Now Youngstown wants to pass a school levy, when will it ever end? The citizens are taxed off.
When will it ever end?

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