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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

BlossomB - $10,000 is a lot of money. Most shelters do fundraising. Most do not charge a fee to take a cat. If they do it is minimal, (not $250) for someone wanting to get rid of a cat. I am well aware there are a lot of costs involved with shelters. I worked with shelters for many years and even did their bookkeeping. So I know what kind of money it takes to run them. What boggles my mind is that the costs of drugs to treat the illnesses that were listed - URI, abcesses, skin infections, etc. is minimal. From my own experience with cats, Clavamox, Zeniquin are stronger drugs given to treat these things and are more expensive. But Amoxicillin is not as strong but will do the job and the cost is about $100 for 500 tablets. Now I think $10,000 would buy a lot of Amoxicillin. I DO have a clue about the costs, as I have my own veterinarian I go to for my 8 animals (dogs and cats). Have followed your posts on here. A lot of attacks on others going on. Can only imagine you are one of the guilty parties in all of this or you would not be so defensive of them. Get a reality check. No one wants to see animals suffer or die, but this no-kill was a slow-kill. I saw those sick cats myself, wheezing, faces covered in mucous, pus in their eyes, all thrown together in the new and improved shelter. No isolation areas, adults and kittens all mixed in very ill.
They should have been shut down for good. This area needs animal shelters, but needs reputable shelters that will care for the animals, not let them lay and die instead of treating them.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

To poundpuppy48 - If Cat Ladies put $10,000 into those cats in vet care and maintenance - THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DEAD AND DYING!!!!!!!. Go to a real shelter and see how animals should be cared for. When they are sick, they need to be treated and see a veterinarian. A registered veterinary technician is not a VET!!!!!!!! Don't think THAT RVT would know a horse from a cat, let alone how to treat animals for illness.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

poundpuppy48 - Somehow it always comes back to the MONEY!!!!!!!

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Cat Ladies, city settle; shelter to reopen today

This whole situation is a real shame. People put animals into the hands of a shelter, thinking they are going to find homes for them and care for them while they are there. Then you read about all the dead and dying animals removed from this shelter. Anyone who had no choice but to bring their animal or a stray there must be heartbroken. I read about JJ, the 16 lb. cat taken into CLS in July along with 3 other cats for $1000. The previous owner called CLS to see how the cats were doing. She was told they were all adopted. She called Animal Charity after reading about the raid in the paper to verify if her cats were adopted. JJ was down to 6 lbs., had severe upper respiratory, sores in his mouth, abcesses and near death when AC raided the place. That is heartbreaking!! If someone decides to take on this task, THEN TAKE CARE OF THE ANIMALS! Most shelters do not even charge to take an animal. They make their money through fundraising. This place charges $250 a cat, then adopts it out and gets $50-$70. Cats deserve so much better treatment than they had gotten there. My Mom and a friend volunteered there in the summer a few times. They came back very upset at the conditions. Many cats were so sick that they had to put their hands on them to see if they were alive. They held one while it took its last breath. She said no one in charge seemed to care when she voiced her concerns. They never went back. So sorry to see CLS was not closed down for good. Thank you AC for stopping the suffering. GO AWAY CAT LADIES!

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