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Man faces charges in beating of toddler

Isn't it weird that things like the child getting hurt on his watch. I'm sure he was alone with that little girl. No doubt in my mind. If his girlfriend saw the abuse I blame her too!

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Man faces charges in beating of toddler

My Husband left me after 11yrs of Marriage. He left me to raise my 2 young boys by myself. I so wanted male companmanship for 20yrs. but I was so afraid of someone hurting my children like this case mentions. My boys are grown now and I'm still alone but I'm happy. I know there are good men out there but I didn't want to expirence what this jerk of man did to that little girl. I hope he gets whats comming to him. He's lucky I'm not his girlfrtend because I would be in jail today for kicking his a s s!

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