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Hagan wants to see more of Romney’s tax returns

Bob, what do you hope to gain? So what if Mitt is rich, we don't begrudge the rich...why do you? Have O release his school records and explain how he got in the schools and explain why no classmates saw him there! Keep your mind on the Valley and quit trying to impress the Big Dems.

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Thousands ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ to vent views

1. Freedom of Speech
2.Freedom of Religion
3.1% of the population!! Quit trying to convince people that your abhorrent behavior is normal. Yes, it is a choice---can't help it if you choose what you do. BUT...Take it to your bedroom-Nobody cares about your goings on!!!

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Home Depot’s policy on theft puzzles Boardman police

How about not shopping at Home Depot because I now don't feel safe there. They let thieves go and put all of us at risk. Now lets see who they choose to protect..the thief or me! I wonder if they mind losing money from consumers!
Let's try Lowes till HD regains their senses!

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Does the Valley reflect the mood of America on same-sex marriage?

First of all, marriage is not a "right". Ok,now that we have that "straight", gay marriage is an abhorrent, abnormal relationship. How can anybody think that this is normal. No, no matter how many times you try, this is not natural. They are trying to play house and trying to show people they are normal; or acceptable, but the foundation is not moral. I can't condemn people, whatever their wants are, but I can condemn the act. Morality does not trying to convince people that it is ok, forget it, you lose.
For all the politicians that think that they can give up their morality to get votes, guess who they have to face when this short life here on earth is over!
Just remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, God has spoken.
This has nothing to do with discrimination-it has everything to with morality. Don't understand???? Read the Bible.

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Unhappy public unsure who to blame for high gas prices

Oh for Pete's sake! We all know who is responsible for high gas prices!!!
BO and his friends.The liberals,Pelosi and Reid want us to be just like Europe with their gas prices. C'mon, do you think you would see a newspaper even hinting that BO is responsible. The American people are not stupid. The press thinks they can muddy the waters with articles like this. Americans don't know who to blame,,,hogwash..we know and November will be our time to disinfect DC and get rid of the BO.

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Local Limbaugh petition nears goal; vets, femiinists call for FCC removal

First, let me ask: If this innocent girl went to a Catholic University and knew their policy about contraception, then why did she go there? Second, Why do you think she wants birth control? dah!
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck,quess what!
Hagan is as usual, pretending. Pretending to be outraged! Don't ask the Catholics to pay for her personal use of contraception. Just tell her to go to Walmart!
And Mr. Hagan, just turn the channel or do you like listening to the truth!

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Magistrate denies Occupy Youngstown’s request for restraining order

No one is interested in seeing these misfits campout. Get a job! As a citizen of Youngstown, I don't want filth in downtown Youngstown. Go home and take care of your families. Become productive members of society. Hope the weather turns blistery cold. No comparison to the Democrat " Occupy" and the Tea Party-----they wish! Where are all the Democrats now that supported these goofs?

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Poll: Ohioans still like President Obama

You are kidding me! They must have done that poll in NE Ohio, where all you have to be is a Democrat and the voters will love you forever. I can't find anybody that likes Obama! He has no idea what the !!!!*** he is doing. I am very suspicious of the polls because the liberals run them. The voters here will follow this mess of a President right over the cliff.....just because he is a Democrat!

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800 protest budget proposal at rally

Oh always mention the "children" to get the ears of voters. The truth is that the monies for the weakest will always be there, but just to let you know the tax payers have had Enough! The gravy train has sopped at the station and isn't pulling out. There is a budget crisis and we elected Kasich to fix the Ohio budget. Quit thinking of me me me all the time.

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TEA Party, union members battle over bargaining

Get over it already!!!! We can't afford to carry you anymore! Get planning your finances because the taxpayer in the private sector is done! You will have to contribute as much as we do and plan your future. Rally all you want, but the voting taxpayer has been heard!

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