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Life after Ohio State

Someone will always be willing to take a chance on Tressel because he has been so successful. I can honestly see him taking a premier job after a short period of time off. Cooper could never win the big game and that is why he could never get another big job but Tressel is a very different coach. Coach Tressel is a quality man no matter what comes out of this scandal and college football is a better place with him in it.

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Beaver schools last day is June 7

this same old debate is getting tiresome...teachers don't get paid for not working but some opt to stretch their paychecks through the summer. what that means is they make less money during the school year so that they can receive some type of income in the summer months. It is optional by the way, some teachers do only get paid for nine months. Please tell me that you realize teachers have bachelors and master degrees from college as well as many additional hours towards keeping their licensure. Tell me what company pays someone 30 k for a masters degree? When school gets cancelled it is to keep our children safe, it has nothing to do with teachers...get a clue

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OHSAA rules Fitch used ineligible players

ignorant?? maybe unkind...can not be ignorant if you correctly take the facts into consideration. Although my comment was a bit unkind and a bad attempt at a little bit of humor, it does not change the fact that the baseball program there is and has underachieved for a very long time. I do feel bad for these boys but not playing baseball isnt the end of the world...not getting an chance to live and go to school in this great country would be far worse. Every athletic director has to get a ruling from the state and make sure everything is in order before a student is eligible to play a sport and if your looking for someone to blame it is the AD at Fitch because the baseball coach and the family of the boys were simply following what they were told by the AD.

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OHSAA rules Fitch used ineligible players

the fitch baseball team stinks so it obviously didn't help them any...when fitch has had good talent they seem to always hoover around the .500 line anyways...maybe they can convince Annarella to coach baseball too!

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Tempers flare as SB 5 approved

You want to treat education like a problem!!! Sorry for those of you who have children who have children who enter school behind or have a harder time comprehending information because they simply won't make the cut. Here is an idea....take away all benefits and retirement for teachers and simply pay them like you would a babysitter.
Pay these teachers $3 an hour to watch your kids...don't have to pay them for lunch or any of that silly planning time. Let's say that is about 6.5 hours a day for babysitting your kid. That is $19.50 a lets throw 30 kids in their class. That works out to be $585 a day. Now let's tackle that issue of "well teachers only work 9 months a year" problem lets pay these teachers only for 180 days....that works out to $105,000 a year...with that money they can purchase their own healthcare and enroll in some type of 401k.
Pay them like a babysitter and they will watch your kids and even educate a few of them.
If you decide to be gracious tax payers and give those teachers with master degrees minimum wage $7.75 based on the same schedule that works out to $272,000 a year!!

I for one pay for day care and $3 an hour would be a huge discount and my kids don't get educated.
This system allows those teachers to purchase their own healthcare and retirement, which under the current system is the only advantage these teachers get to dedicating their careers to helping children.

This will never pass a popular vote!

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Pavlik: 'My partying days are over'

I wish nothing but the best for Kelly and his family and I hope he is able to stay sober and regain much of the success he once had. I am however worried that maybe he believe he never had a problem to begin with but maybe I am reading too much into this. I just hope for the sake of his family he realizes how negative of an effect alcohol had on his life.

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Online, on course: Austintown district’s new program gives students an alternative

this young man missed 30+ school days last year while attending the ninth willing to bet there is some other type of motivation behind this besides that school wasn't moving fast enough for him ...what a joke

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Clarett plans to keep playing

Brad Smith graduated from Chaney High School before the city of Youngstown saw fit to redistrict their high school kids into only two schools. Besides the fact that you obviously don't know that there were very few problems at Chaney pre-2007 and that Brad Smith graduated with honors in 2001.
Brad Smith has never been in the news for anything remotely negative and is not only a true professional but a good man, who happens to come from single mother household in Youngstown. He graduated in 3 years from Missouri with a degree in economics and obtain his masters before he became a professional football player. He should be the role model for the children of youngstown and tries to help out every year when he comes back to the city and runs a free camp for those same children. He is a class act and doesnt even belong on the same planet as Clarett. With that being said I know Clarett and he is just a man trying to rebuild his life after making several bad can bash him all you want and many people do but that doesn't change the fact that he has the same right to live his life as the rest of us, like it or not. I do agree that its time to keep him out of the papers.

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DE SOUZA: What are voters thinking?

DeSouza's views are obviously biased but did any of you think that maybe they are that way because he is angry at the way Traficant represented his home of Youngstown,OH?? Traficant is a running joke around the country and just affirmed people's beliefs that officials and the people of the Mahoning Valley are corrupt. I tend to like that people voted for him however because it shows the best and worst of democracy all at once. What is amazing to me isn't that people voted for "Jimmy T" but that Ohio Voters put Kasich in office as Governor...I don't care how bad you may think Strickland was it is utterly irresponsible to elect Kasich

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Predictions for 2010

looking forward to the Salem vs. Hubbard game this year....Salem is a much better team then the one Hubbard beat bad last season...dont believe Girard will be remotely close to how good they were a year ago so not much of a challenge there.

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