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United opposition

Education_Voter, I appreciate your input. The offset penalty only affects 7 states in the Union. Why can't the state of Ohio overturn the federal law? We have had politicians from both parties claim to fight for it to be overturned. The only constant the State employees have had is it's Union, and nothing has been done. I have worked both public and private sector. Perks from my public sector job were great, but in the long run, the average Joe picks up the tab through employement and property tax. Nothing is fair, but each state has problems. Where is the answer? Who sacrifices and tightens their belt, to keep us afloat? We all have to work together. We are a civilized society. These demonstations are reminding me of the Kent State days, and we all know how that turned out. As long as we act in a peaceful manor, maybe they will meet in the middle...I don't see that happening.

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United opposition

Back in 1983 Packard Electric had appoximately 12,000 employees. Slowly the jobs moved to Mexico, and the union let management do what they wanted, without trying to keep the jobs here. Then all the workers here did Mexico's repairs. Back then the average worker couldn't get a job there or at GM because they started an employment lottery with their employees, and only hiring outside the union membership to keep their "equal opportunity employment" status so they quailified for federal subsidies. How many are now employed at Delphi? Were retirees replaces by another employee? Jobs at GM were replaced by robodics that, last time I checked, don't buy homes, pay taxes, or add to the local economy. The state union has done nothing to repeal the offset penalty for people that worked privately during a big chunk of their professional careers, and then got hired by the state. Those people have to give up the majority of the FICA money that was taken out of every pay for years, and let the federal government keep it. If the teachers unions want the same old same old, then negotiate with them Gov. Kasich...see if they will give up tenure. The private sector has to perform to keep their jobs...are union workers willing to do the same, or do we just fund the job banks by paying more for our cars??? I am for unions and why they were created, they have now become as greedy as those they accuse. Something has to be done, for the country is bankrupt. We will be under one world order soon, and I don't think any of us will like THOSE changes.

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Home for people with mental disabilities has own issues

It is sad when human beings are treated worse than the dogs in the local animal shelter. Are these patients wards of the state? If so, isn't the state government responsible for the decisions being made about their care. I think this is how "Obama care" will be carried out. As long as these facilities remain open, and kickbacks are paid out to landlords and health inspectors, these places will remain open. The politicians from Federal office, on down, should have been investigating these places all along. Federal, and state taxes fund these facilities, or the medicaid, and SSI monies that support their residents. How much money has been donated to local campaigns by the owners,so the politicians don't pursue legal suit? I think there is more going on here than meets the eye, and it is too sad that human lives, and the quality of care for them, are paying the price.

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Riding with …

I've heard great thinks about Dave in interviews with other Sprint Cup drivers (Gordon, Stewart, Harvick) and think he is too fair a driver to get to the top...let alone his teams weren't the one's with all the cash. I'd love to see him manage a big name crew down the road...he's a good guy!!!

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Party celebrates Traficant

Doctor Gonzo, if you were to go back and look into Mr. Traficants' career, you will see he was a man of vision. He aways asked Congress if the government wanted our country to become a third world nation, and it is slowly happening. He was "America first"! So find any of these opinions laughable, if you tour the valley, all the new highway projects got funded, court houses built,The Chevy Center, and even the Scrappers were brought about by a man that didn't fit into the beltway "ethics". Thank God for us, for things got done. I thought Tim Ryan was supposed to be the "second coming of Christ" for the valley...just what has he done to improve the quality of life in the valley?

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