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Town-hall forum set Wednesday in Boardman on Ohio Turnpike privatization

Is anyone besides Gov. Kasich for selling the Turnpike?? Anyone?

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Opponents dominate meeting near Toledo on Ohio Turnpike leasing

Besides the Governor, I haven't heard of anyone in Ohio that is for selling the turnpike.........

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No further action on voter IDs expected in Ohio Legislature

The last two times I voted I was required to show my ID..Not that I minded there an explanation for that?

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

& the chat room closed for the evening....the curtain closed.... time past....stay tuned for the next episode... :-/

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

Come on... Let's go Jamie!!! Only 5 more to go to 500.......of course you'll have to admit over half of this thread is from you.....Get A Life

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NE Ohio group opposes Kasich plan to sell, lease Ohio Turnpike

I am sure the Turnpike Commision makes a profit. Please Mr Kasich, Why not lease one of the government agencies that is losing money first?

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Cincy Reds pitcher arrested on shoplifting charge

The world is really really going to......well know...,,,

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I-680 southbound reduced to one lane for pothole patching

It's called job security

We should see the city putting cold patch in water puddles soon too......

Not to mention they have to keep the shocks, struts, & tires selling to stimulate the economy

Funny how they don't have the time or money to do it right but they sure can do it over..& over ..& over

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