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Protesters show up at Niles house featuring ghoulish baby doll display

I think Id rather protest against puppymills, and misconceptions of pitbulls, abused animals instead of someones Halloween display. Some people just dont know what to do with their time, so they protest. Wonder if Krista put up an Hannukah display, would that be protested at Chirstmas time?

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Disfigured-doll display draws defenders, detractors

If the protesters think this display is so terrible and shouldnt be seen by children, how many protesters brought their children with them to protest?

I have no problem with the display. After all it IS Halloween. How many kids watch Halloween shows? People need to find something better to protest about instead of a Halloween display.

Im sorry for the parents who have lost children. What does that have to do with dolls? If you were in an accident and hit by a car, would you go around hating all the same types of cars that hit you? If a doctor misdiagnoses you do you go around hating all doctors? No... Wake up people.... how about we protest ... presidents? misuse of government moneys? politicians? being prejudice? or how about people losing jobs and are still waiting for this administration to do what it said it would do.

Im just saying.... come onnnn///

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