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Mime team adds dimension to worship at St. James

It must be really awful being so dead inside that you would make negative comments regarding children doing something positive. This is not the type of miming that you would see on a city street. It is an act of praise and worship set to Gospel music.

March 15, 2012 at 9:34 a.m. suggest removal

8 tied to YSU frat to face felony hazing charges

I agree DanBrown11. Kids were hazed back when I was in school. Maybe not to this extreme, but it happend. My school was no where near the "hood"

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Have people told you they will not vote for Obama because of his race?

I know blacks and whites that are not voting for Obama because of his race. I decided to stay undecided until after the debates because I would like to make a decision based on what I feel will be best for our great country. I think it is absurd to cast a vote based only on a persons sex, race, age, etc..... I am curious redstate girl, do you have any information to support the above statements?

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