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Caterer sues Campbell’s mayor for stop-payment on his check

What a loser this Krinos is. His guests probably had the flu! If it was food poisoning, more than 24 people would have gotten sick. I think he just wanted out of the tab-he figured he was above the law. What a Jerk!

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Man accused in St. Dom’s killing faces charges in separate assault

Let's not waste anymore time on this piece of $#!t. Skip the trial-FRY HIS ASS!

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Keeping faith amid fear

What a coward this criminal is to shoot and rob a 80 year old woman. Especially in a CHURCH parking lot. He is a worthless peice of crap. Robbing her is one thing, but shooting her, come on how much of a fight could she put up. I think he should be shot in the head. I don't feel like paying for him to sit in prison living the high life. That's exactly what it would be like for this peice of Crap. What kind of idiot is this? Hopefully they catch him quickly-What a lowlife!

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Crash of Canfield school buses probed

The bus driver must have other incidents against(him or her) if they were afraid to turn it in. Just fire them, there are plenty of qualified bus drivers looking for work. They made a big mistake by not reporting it right away, especially with all the kids going to the nurse. What a dummy!

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Pa. toddler shoots himself in the head, feared to be brain dead

Someone should shoot the person responsible for the loaded gun in the head! Some people just don't deserve to be parents.

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Foutz seeks early release from prison

LOL what school did you go to for math? This girl wasn't pregnant at the time of the accident! This accident was 11-11-07. That was 26 months ago. Her child is only 16 months old. Either your bad at math or you can't read. Sorry to have to be the one to bring this to your attention. She wasn't sent to prison immediately, there was a trial, you do not go directly to jail. Get with the program! I agree that she should do the time, but I have to defend the fact that she was not out doing shots and drinking while pregnant.

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