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Valley Ukrainians concerned about unrest in homeland

No one invaded Russia. It started when the "elected" president would not join the EU as the Ukrainians wanted. The people did not like it. They wanted, and still want to be, a part of a more democratic society and part of the international community as they would be by joining the EU. They did not and do not want their country to go back under Russian rule by joining Putin's Eurasian Union. Ukraine has had such a difficult and oppressive history under Russia, and they do not plan to go back.

The people protested peacefully when this happened. For months they did this and nothing changed. Things turned violent when Yanukovych figured it was time to do something about these protests, it had been enough for him. The people stood their ground, and the killing started. The president fled and the new government took over, voted in by Parliament, democratically. There was a moment of peace.

Then came Russia right after the Olympics and here we are today.

Russia has no right to protect Ukraine and needs to stay out. He wants it because it is his biggest piece to his Eurasian puzzle, and without it, it's not much.

There doesn't have to necessarily be military intervention to stop Russia. There are ways to stop him financially, as reported by a CNN commentator. Putin is behaving in a way that has 19th and 20th century thinking. You don't quite do that in the 21st century where there is global interdependency. As told to President Obama by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, she's not sure he's in touch with reality. "In another world," she said.

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