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Billie Jean’s best friends, from left standing, are Gretchen Brown, Moris Jadue, Blackwood Pet Food

Just love stories like this one...

Wishing for more of the same...

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Youngstown police working homicide leads

Yes I meant the ATF:

After all, didn't this criminal use a gun?

Surely the fool didn't have it registered.
How many guns are on the streets of this town stolen, legal... whatever?


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2 men killed on North Side

Nobody is curious about how the drugs come and go here?

Do we have an ATF working here? I wonder sometimes.

What the real shocker is that the people turn a blindeye out of fear. Why is that?

So by turning a blindeye at the problem they put themselves and others in harms way.

Unfreaking unbelieveable!

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Nonresidents commit most serious crimes in Boardman

I get sick of the blame game parroted online..

What Youngstown needs seriously are jobs... We need to bring industry here at all cost..

You can't expect one or two employers to hire everyone in Youngstown...

I do believe whatever it takes to bring business here should be the priority for Youngstown....

Giving industry a tax break for a couple of years until they are established and tax them afterwards...The motivation is not here and I can't figure out why yet?

Oh! and the drug problem is everywhere you go in America... so that's no excuse anymore...

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Cherishing Officer Chico

Heartbreaking on both sides...

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Off-duty cop kills robbery suspect

Off duty police officer deserves a medal.

No excuses.

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Brother: Jamail 'was an angel on Earth’

One can't think of anything but terrorism when you think of what those terrorist did.

It was a cowardly act of vengence to murder someone over something so senseless.

My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of the victims of this terrorist act.

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UPDATED: Two arrested after early-morning shooting near YSU

Parents of teenagers and adult children won't you start today to talk to your children..
Sometimes it's hard to open up and continue to teach the differences between right and wrong..
The fear one must have to carry a weapon.

Start with that

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Death of Austintown man, 76, treated as homicide

Prayer should definitely be posted on every city, state, federal building in the nation.

And for Youngstown it should be posted on every street corner.

The lack of Jehovah in ones life can lead people into darkness.

But with religion in ones life and the fear of Jehovah it would not lead to murder and stealing.

My prayers go out to all.

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