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Blitz 2012

I can't believe your not doing the blitz picks. I really looked forward to this year. What is going on at your paper. Are there that many cut backs? I guess that 15% tax savings that the vindy owners are enjoying is not trickeling down to the workers. Sad situation,, I guess it's time to cancel my subscription..

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I have worked on a chain crew for a local high school for 8 years now. Being on the field and in the middle of the visiting teams side line is very interesting. I can tell you who I believe is a very good coach to a very bad one. Coach Annarella for Fitch has his team very disciplined and playing well. When his players make a mistake he or one of his staff takes them aside and explains in a good manor. Mr. Annarella and his coaching staff has earned my utmost respect.

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this years referees

Poland vs. Howland, blown call, was not bad lateral on the pass that was tipped that turned into a TD for Howland. The pass was tipped the ref hesitated then all coaches yelled back lateral, then ref put out hand to make call (talked into it). I was on the field, the play happened in front of me. Then with under a minute the winning field goal attempt, all coaches were yelling time out to ice kicker, ref did not give them time out,,,,,,,,,,Need to go back to class

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mooney game

see what happens when you play another team that recruits

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Creditors target Northside

I work for St Elizabeth Med ctr. 6 years ago I was on the negotiating team for our contract. At that time there were rumors that North Side wwas having troubles. They just signed a contract months before ours was up. I couldn't believe the contract they recieved. Great raises and no pay for health care. At that time I believed the rumors were wrong. Very bad managing, why give so much when in trouble unless you are trying to be in trouble ????? Did not make sence......

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What should Jim Traficant do when he returns?

What I remember about Jim,
When he held the badge he broke down doors with his men, he did not wait behind a desk for his men to come back. He went to schools and talked to the kids about the dangers in the streets and getting an education. A person I was dear to could not get dissability but couldn't walk 20 feet across a room, Jim got it for her. When people were loosing their homes, he wouldn't foreclose. When workers were being handed a raw deal from their employer and on strike, he mediated untill the strike was over. On the congressional floor he was the only one who talked common sence (20) years before his time while no others did. He warned of what was to happen and now we are here. He brought us court house, the Covelli center, the 711, and countless other projects. I do not remember any other person doing all he did for this area and for the common every day man, Do you ? Yes he was convicted, but I question alot about that trial. Evidence that was not allowed on his behalf, and countless others including the court room being surrounde by deputies. No other trial in history had that number present, I am sure seeing that while being on the jury had influence. I have seen many others caught doing more then he did ( not excusing it ) but they did not get anything close to what he did. There has been murderers who got less time then he did. All I know he is lucky ! Other men in history who did the right thing for the everyday everyday man were assasinated.
Good luck JIm,
P.S. Do you here anything from our present elected officials or remember anything they have done lately ?

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