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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

First of all, I'm not from the area and believe I can give an unbiased view. None of these kids did anything right. But the way the article is written is astonishing. They almost make it sound like the Canfield boy deserved this because he was the first aggressor. So if Jackett wanted to take him one-on-one I would say he might be deserving of that. But that's not what happened. It took a whole group of Mooney boys going to the Malvasi residence to "talk"? Give me a break - who believes this stuff? ALL these boys should spend some time in jail. They weren't looking for a talk - they were looking for trouble and they sought it out and found it. From personal experience I know at least one of these Mooney boys has been in several altercations with the law. And no matter what school they're from if they have enough money and the right connections they'll get a pass. And there's no justice in that.

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