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Altiere’s challenger sees morale trouble

The people with the comments about a Chief Deputy having a son working there is true but to the fact about advancement is not. You must be ignorant not to know that there is a test given for advancement. You are so willing to throw that out but what about the Phillips boys that both work for the sheriff. If they were so qualified like you say why is it that the one has O.P.O.T.A certificate but isnt working anywhere? Could it be that he was let go for an O.V.I after he crashed his car. The facts are the Sheriff has hired 90 percent of the people that work there . He put food on all you losers tables that are against him. He hired a man who worked for him when no one else would than resigns to back the other canidate agaist the Sheriff. Where is your Loyalty at??? The Sheriff has managed to add 12 Deputies with no layoffs while other counties are taken concessions and are being layed off. If the moral is low its not the Sheriff fault its your own and mayber you should just quit.

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Altiere’s challenger sees morale trouble

As with all prior elections the departed have once again resurfaced from the depths to give their opinion and/ or endorsements in regards to the Sheriff's race.Like locusthey emerge every four years to cause destruction. As a member of the Sheriff's office who can proudly say that I have and do know what true " integrity" is, I can no longer sit backwithout a comment. Since the sheriff has been in officethe department has improved in many areas, remained the same in others,and declined in yet others. I have seen several employees come and go. What amazes me is the former employees who he gave jobs to and have come to us as political hires and no longer work here due to quitting, being fired, indicted, or even sent to jail.Either waythe man( like him or not) gave YOU a chance and YOU screwed it up. This isn't about Altiere or Phillips this is about YOU. The idiot who has hard feelings because YOU couldn't keep a job in which YOU probably didn't deserve anyway. Even though your only qualification is being a " GOOD GUY",you still insisted upon ebarrassing this department, your famalies, and yourself. Your expert opinion on integrity is neither wanted nor benefiting the individual you are supporting. YOU are Losers..... please go away.... P.S if you are reading this and thinking " Are they referrinr to me?"..... Yes I am....

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