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Royal Oaks undergoes stress test for ‘Bar Rescue’

The bar is not dirty. The owners are clean and the family is honest and hard working. They know what they're doing. I'll bet half of the morons on here commenting eat at KFC, mcDonalds, Denny's and other $hitholes all the time. All restrooms are used --everywhere-- for defacating and urinating--nobody is there using a filthy baby changing station or styling their hair for hours. There's soap and water and environmentally friendly hand dryers. It's a very distinct wonderful place and they raise money for people with disabilities and help people. It's like getting a little cosmetic surgery, not pouring cleanser on toilets. It's a greta bar with lots of character. If you don't appreciate it then go to a different one. Check the health department--it has no citations and almost every other chain establishment does. Keep following the masses and passing judgment.-keep being 'normal" and "routine". The clientele at the Oaks is not bottom of the barrel ( yes some patrons are, as are everywhere). many professionals and generally nice people go there. Support businesses --the same people complaining of problems in the area should be out supporting these good causes. You're entitled to your opinion, but I doubt anyone bashing it has ever given it more than a passing glance or spent much time there.

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Whip the dregs in public

I agree. Give them a punishment that will leave a lasting imoression. Nothing has staying power like public humilition combined with pain. Dealing with a true anti-social, however, not just some punk wannabe's, will result in more crimes. Therefrore, they must be treated on an individual basis as anyone educated in dealing with criminals should know. Nevertheless, they all need severe punishment. Whoever made the comment about single parented welare moms is a total jackass following the hype of others, incidentally. The point is that foster care and orphanages will not change these situations either. The damage is done. There are few exceptios, though there are SOME.
Catch 'em, punish 'em. Severely.

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Desiree Jackson cited after kids left alone

* They should find the father(s) and charge him/them with leaving all of them "behind". Thosef'ers get to leave altogether and nobody mentions them at all. Is he ( are they) at work? Give "lil desiree some damn $$ so she can a sitter every once in a while. 4 kids = exhausting...

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Youngstown mom charged after cops find kids home alone

deplorable. thats all i can say

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Wings are king; get dibs on ribs

who gives a flying f who owned it ? It's under valley food u stupid moron-not historical data.I find the ghost story much more interesting then the bit of trivia "crapola" you offer.

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Youngstown cops urge 13 boys with records to turn lives around

so sick of hearing they need a decent father figure. how about a mother? how about the fact thast she probably already does so much and is exhausted and still cant provide foe her children. What needs to happen is they need to go after these deadbeats, have them pay the single moms instead of getting away with it, and then let her have some damn time to spnd with them instead of some lousy father. help these single moms. it will help thie children in the long run

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Anti-fracking charter amendment soundly defeated in Youngstown

The rich will get richer. People who need jobs will take some $hitty low paying environment destroying job to line the wealthy oil corporations pockets again, meanwhile Youngstown stays in the mentality that "we will improve". No whole foods, food co-ops, one vegan restaurant, trashy brown water in every lake and river around already---and people making fun of individuals looks because they disagree with their viewpoints? Should bring back jobs via the milkman and bottle collectors and eliminate plastic. Those of u who do not care and just want jobs should lobby for lower student loan rates and textbook ripoff prices so anyone can go to college and not be in debt forever and forsake school for a dead end backbreaking destructive job. So glad to be out of Youngstown but sad for everyone who cannot leave with this mentality abounding.

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Campbell man gets 6 years for 10 years of sexually abusing stepdaughters

Is this pastor a legal expert when it comes to counseling sexual offenders, let alone pedophiles? They need a tough approach, not someone who defends them and falls for their manipulation. The pastor, the dude who's a pedophile and his stupid wife are complete idiots. Poor kids.

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Rape trial to begin this week

They should be charged with making underage pornography and whatever else can be mustered up by the prosecutor. This is absolute disgrace. The city not prosecuting them will perpetuate this mindset and their denial of wrongdoing, creating worse offenders and a sense of entitlement stronger they already possess. AZZholes

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Trumbull children services director: Employees have 'fire in their belly' to help kids

That's all great. it's a job-do it. Still absolutely NO excuse for what happened in the Cody Beemer case. SUPERVISION---tax dollars pay for it.

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