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Junior Greatest players eligible to share $5,000 in scholarships

This is great for the valley and our kids! Great job to Vindy, Powerbilt, and Golf Headquarters!

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UPDATE: Hagan petition to get Limbaugh off Youngstown airwaves gaining support

read the 1st amendment idiot...great comments by everyone else as well. Now I know why Bob got knocked out at the Lemon Grove...

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Steady rain fails to put a damper on downtown rock festival

maybe the vindicator could mention some of the sponsors, the list of bands, and what bars/stages are involved? Or is that asking too much from a reporter?

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Six downtown Youngstown events get grants from city

how is that a joke dude? your comment is uneducated and idiotic! the money should go to the events that bring the most people downtown and help downtown business and economy! Vexfest brings 5000-10000 people, it should be on the top of the list and its one of the two huge music festivals all summer with Rock the Block in June being the other one, which by the list above it seems like the got screwed over by the city and that Rock the Block event brought some 5000 people last year with great national bands, something that doesn't happen much downtown. Those two festivals bring more people than all other downtown events combined!!!
Some of the other choices are absolutely absured, that stupid Pig Iron thing had like 8 people last year yet they get money, seriously who goes to a dark ugly alley (Phelps) in downtown Youngstown to read poetry..hilarious! The idea is to help downtown business and bring people downtown so why would they give all this money to these idiotic events that don't even bring a 1% of the people as some of the others! To the great events scheduled downtown this year that didn't get grants do yourself a favor and take them somewhere else and screw downtown Ytown for being so amazingly retarded for giving our money to some of these events. Its so obvious there is some politics going on with this Lyndsey lady because no one in their right mind would've given our tax dollars to some of the events she picked. Maybe she only gave money to the bars she frequents like Lemon Grove's Bonfrog that takes place in their ugly back parking lot or the Royal Oaks Purple Cat deal. I guess everyone with a position that we the tax-payers pay for will always be crooked and let other factors play against common sense, logic, and most importantly what's best for the people downtown and the businesses downtown!!!

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Hagan hurt in assault in café

Wow! I've never seen so many idiotic and ridiculus posts on just one page. Some of you people really need to get lives of your own. These comments are so close-minded and uneducated it really saddens me to know that most are coming from people that live in Youngstown.
Dateline lady: You take the cake by call yourself a "devout Christian" yet you sit back and judge all of these people you don't even know like your God! You've obviously never been downtown before so why do you sit back and call the Lemon Grove Cafe a sleazy downtown bar? The bars downtown are much more upscale than almost all Austintown, Liberty, and many other suburban bars.
Thank you to MeganEmily for sticking up for yourself, I was thinking what you wrote.
Stan: the man with 3474 comments....really Stan? And none of them have any merit or bring any new knowledge to this page. You must be really bored with life and spend all your free time commenting on Vindy message boards to stir stuff up.
Lombardo: Your posts are all completely off-topic for one. You talk about leveling downtown to put in parking lots, but obviously don't realize that many young entrepreneurs have put a lot of time, money, and effort into their establishments to help revitalize downtown and bring people and the community together in these bars, restaurants, & cafes. This also doesn't include all of the jobs that these places have created. Then you switch it up again and start bashing democrats, which thats great if it makes you feel better (I'm a republican, FYI) but what other point is there? Your demoCrooks post has nothing to do with this article? Sorry but all of these random negative posts don't do much for your character. But Lombardo you're not the only one so don't feel singled out.
I could go on and on but don't want to waste my time.
I would like to say that I do feel for the owner(s) of the Lemon Grove and I hope that this doesn't affect their business (I doubt it will). For one, this would have never made the news if it didn't involve a State Rep. and two, its a shame that some people on here have to bad mouth a nice place like the Lemon Grove when they've never even been to a downtown establishment. And lastly being that I've worked downtown before I will agree with Chief Hughes because downtown is much safer than almost all of Youngstown City as well as many other suburbs including Austintown, Boardman, Girard, etc. If you ever are out on the weekends downtown you can't walk down the street without seeing a police car and I've never ever felt threatened or had a problem with people being violent around me while in downtown establishments.

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Some Valley bars serve up bout despite blackout order

It ended up ok for bars that had a dish provider like Directv or Dish network, but much worse for those bars who had cable providers who actually did their job and blacked out the fight. Actually probably a much worse thing happened because the bars that did get blacked out lost even more money since it wasn't a level playing field and the bars that did show it made money but should and more than likely will get fined tens of thousands of dollars. Word on the street is that many of them showed the fight illegally not only because it was blacked out but heard some actually brought in boxes from home that they paid $40 on for the fight. I hope the Vindy finds out all the good dirt on these bars who went the illegal route just to make an extra dime!

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Area bars KO'd

This is hilarious....sorry had to call this place out! My nephew used to go to this bar, I'm pretty sure this is the same bar that got caught for supposedly having deliveries of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana sent to their bar by drunk drivers according to an article I read in the Vindicator months ago when they got shut down and I immediately told my nephew he was never allowed back again.

So the same user that posted this comment:

TheRat2320 (2 comments)posted 3 hours, 14 minutes ago

"Hey Downtown 36, Barleys and BW3's,

All 3 of you are on report as still trying to have the fight. If you still try and air this fight to the public, you will be punishable to up to and including a $100,000 fine and shutdown for the evening. Please refer to your contract. (Blackout). There will be agents this evening that will be frequenting your establishments throughout the evening policing this situation. Thank you.

Top Rank Events"

Also posted this comment in another article:

TheRat2320 [2 comments] on December 18, 2009 at 7:43 p.m.

"Hey everyone!!!!! Check out the Official After Party for the fight at.....THE CELL NIGHTCLUB....right around the corner from the fight! All 21 and over crowd! Newly Remodeled! Awesome atmosphere! Come in and I will BUY your first drink!!! At least stop in and check out the New Place!!"

Thats so comical that this place is not only opening up again, but they're calling their bar the "Official After Party for the fight"???? Apparently the only way they know how to do business is by putting other bars down and trying to tattle tell on their competition when they have no idea if these facts are/were even true in the first place. Only BW's is showing the fight "Rat", and wow that username is so fitting for that bar. Its obvious its the same people running that place. I can't believe the city of Youngstown even let them open back up again...what is our city government thinking letting crooks run a bar that has been synonymous with serving children in high school and having a blue light go on when police enter so they can stop their illegal activities which probably consisted of more than any of us parents even knew about!
Absolutely hilarious how they tried to pretend to be Top Rank officials and threaten their competition.
Well this post got long but these undercard fights are not really keeping my interest, I hope Pavlik fights soon, because my iPhone's battery is almost dead!

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Area bars KO'd

Well so much for the black out!!! All 4 BW's have the fight as well as blue wolf, jillians, O'Donalds austintown, shakers, Kelly Pavliks 13th round, Youngstown Sports Grille, Jeremiah Bullfrogs, and I've heard more but can't remember all the rest. The difference has been that they have Directv and not cable like Time Warner or Armstrong. Quite ridiculus though because the small bars with cable got screwed over and even the bars that have the fight are dead comparatively speaking because the media came out and told everyone that not one bar would be showing the fight. Too bad for all the local bars and restaurants once again! And will anything be done about it? I sure hope so! I think the bars who aired the fight illegally should be held accountable and I think that Top Rank and G & G Sports should definitely get sued big time! If you want to black it out then black it out for ALL bars and not just half of them! Luckily I was right about some having and ended up being able to watch them for only $5 tonight but after talking with these bar owners I do feel really bad for them!

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Area bars KO'd

That statement wasn't thought out very well, the idea of helping the local economy is a bit more complex than what you're claiming about this event just giving bars more door money. For one its not just bars, many restaurants planned on showing the fight too and the money that a particular bar/restaurant would make at the door is miniscule compared to increase they would've had in their bar & food sales which IS taxed and with the last Pavlik fight it brough people from PA, WV, and probably some other states as well and they all spent money in Ohio that they wouldn't have otherwise.
You have to remember that bars and restaurants ARE businesses and they are in business to make money, so if you don't think that by creating more business in 20-30 local restaurants & bars doesn't help the local economy you're crazy! Thats probably about 500 workers/employees that would be making much more in tips, etc. just from being twice as busy than on a normal night, plus all of them have extra staff working tonight as well so more hours for more employees making more money than they usually would be. Then those bartenders and waitresses will go out and spend a bit more money on Christmas gifts, etc., etc.
You need to think a bit more in depth about a situation before shooting off and saying that an event in Youngstown does nothing more than paying for a few bar owners' vacations to Florida. Gave me a good chuckle tho...thanks!
And FYI there are reporters at BW's right now!

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Area bars KO'd

Dress warm to watch fight at BW's in the tent! Great times downtown right even with or without the fight because the whole town of Youngstown is downtown right now!
Also some guys chillin at BW's know O'Donnells owners and they just said that garden city boxing told O'Donnells that since they paid for the fight that they're allowed to show the fight!!! So might head up there if BW's falls through! We'll find out real soon!!!
Uh oh will the "Rat" be fining them 100k! Still hilarious, if all this happens the whole city of Youngstown will never have anywhere to go out because "theRat" will put them all out of business with a 100k fine! Wow would that suck!

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