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Don L. Hanni Jr.'s home remedy

I am so sorry that this article (and the emotions it's aroused) have gone from bad to worse! I consider myself a true friend of Don Hanni's and my heart does go out to family and friends who are struggling with this turn of events -- from the stroke in October to now, this has been a tough time. And yet let's do what Don would've done (and did do for many, many years these articles were written about him), he'd shake his head and laugh. Those who know Don know he is a self made man, a street fighter who knew his best punch was "preparation", he continued to practice that punch throughout his entire career. And he continues to be a fighter. So I, for one, am going to use this space and time to let everyone know that Don Hanni is still fighting the fight! Is he dying? Hell, we're all dying! None of us know what tomorrow may bring. So for tonight, I'd like you'all to know that Don was in good spirits. He shared stories and laughed with me; he was his usual outspoken, opinionated, lovable self. He wants to go home and sit in his favorite chair, although he said we could all come over and have a pajama party. Of course he'd keep us entertained with his infamous stories! How could you not be entertained? So I will not dwell on anything negative; I am thinking posiive. And I am thinking of the special times we all have shared! Please, do the same! And please do plan to come to the pajama party. We'll make popcorn and tell scary stories and play pin the tail on de Souza!

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Don L. Hanni Jr.'s home remedy

That's our Don! (and if beer and bourban accomplished this, weeellll, just think what a bottle of his favorite homemade red wine will do????!!!!). WE LOVE YOU, DON!

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