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Cedar's on the move: So long downtown, hello W. Side

We will be there for a final toast at the old and a new toast at the new... wishing it success. We have many great memories of Cedar's!

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Marine dad keeps watch over Austintown Elementary

WOW!!!! So many things to comment on here....First off, I would like to say that I think Mr. Skok has the best intention in mind. I think safety for our children is important,I think having veterans do jobs like these is what we need.(A great benefit to our children's safety AND giving our veterans JOBS).I think a person who cares that much about their kids(especially step children) is fantastic especially when in this area you see people who dont see their kids or pay child support for them.HOWEVER...If a crazy or drugged up individual wants to do damage,wouldnt this be almost TAUNTING THEM?Also, I dont know if it is wise to say that you have back issues etc to show your weakness(es)I do see the point that you should not be wearing your uniform without proper authorization.. if you worked at a security place and no longer did, or were a policeman but no longer were, you would not be allowed to wear that... you are no longer in the military,and it is almost representing that you were paid either by the military or by the school to work there... also wouldnt this get a lot of people talking to you, especially since now you are in the newspaper??? If your intentions are to protect, then just do it in plain clothes, and without the publicity to ensure their safety....or a COVERT OPERATION!.....I wish that you never have to deal with any of the things that you want to protect them from...I hope you can do the right thing....I hope that our governments choose to start paying for our vets to do these jobs... i hope it frees up some of the police to patrol the areas better... and I wish a SAFE RETURN TO ALL OF OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN....WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY, I HOPE WE DO NOT CHOOSE TO FIGHT AMONGST OURSELVES WITH PEOPLE WITH GREAT INTENTIONS, BUT WRONG WAYS OF GOING ABOUT IT!

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