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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

The shame of it is that the Playhouse and Easy Street are closed off organizations, which do not invite new talent to audition. If you don't have a constant infusion of new talent, parents and volunteers, YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED IN COMMUNITY THEATRE. There is so much talent in our area, from musicians to trained dancers...singers, actors. Yet, it is impossible for these young people to get a foot in the door because they don't know the "right" people. In addition, older actors who want to stay involved are put off by the lack of consideration, organization and professionalism in local theatre (not to mention, ridiculous politics.) Sure, we are a small town, but should we not expect to put on fantastic and professional productions? Do we have to have a small town vision?

I stopped going to Easy Street years ago because I got soooo tired of seeing the same people do the same tired act. I haven't been to the Playhouse to see a production for over 15 years. The playhouse ignores local talent, and does not actively pursue outside directors, choreographers and musical directors to bring in fresh eyes and ears. They have become tired, old and inconsequential. If you ask me, they should tear down the building, too. It never was a nice theatre to look at anyway. Start something new, Youngstown....and stop trying to be the city you were 30 years ago. If we're ever going to prosper here, we have to become a new city!! Appreciate the past, but BUILD a new future!

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