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Many give a thumbs down to teen policy at Tinseltown

Part of the problem is that many so called ADULTS think that this rowdiness is normal kid behavior. Look at the 48 year old woman quoted. I'm not much older than she, but when I was a teenager, we were expected to behave as adults - and we did. Loud and obnoxious behavior wasn't tolerated anywhere then - nor should it be tolerated now. I applaud the new policy - it might even get me to go to the movies again - that is, if they ever make another movie worth watching.

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GMAC considers moving headquarters to Charlotte

Not BS at all! I'm in Charlotte several times a month - and it is a HUGE banking center - either the second or third largest in the country, I believe. It is the headquarters city for both Bank of America, and Wachovia. There are thousands of qualified bank employees living there - Detroit has nothing like it. Given the layoffs in the banking industry, such a move would make perfect sense - there are a lot of good banking employees looking for new jobs, through no fault of their own.

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Go ahead, shoot me, she said, and the men ran away

I am not completely sure I believe this story...why does the Vindicator chose to print these one-sided tales? They only inflame the prejudices of some, and confirm the ill-founded fears of others.

Perhaps someone DID approach this woman - but with a gun? I wonder......and I bet the police do too.

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Is a fighting chance the only one Youngstown has?

If you read the letter in full, you will see that the comments are not about Kelly Pavlik, but about the way he is perceived in Youngstown. And the point of her letter has to do with why a fight is not a showcase for the city.

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First Place Bank approved for a $75 million federal investment

they host a lot of parties - or at least they used to. gives them only 2 stars in an overall rating. (as compared, for example, to Farmers National Bank of Canfield, which receives 4 stars.) It's time to become a serious bank, guys!

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U.S. Route 224 project in Valley hits a bump

Before the state spends too much money in all the wrong places - I hope it factors in the number of businesses that will be LEAVING that area, due to bankruptcy, re-organization, etc. This could become a traffic problem that begins to resolve itself.

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Worse yet - they're stealing a man's business property to build a BUSINESS school!!! What a message to send to future B-school students - Whatever you do, don't try to do business in Youngstown!

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Gunman robs teen on North Side

This sounds like a VERY tall tale.....Stewart is on the other side of the railroad tracks from the North side.....1:30 a.m. is the time most people are RETURNING from parties (or should be!) and an AK47? That gun is so big, the robber would have a very hard time carrying it and robbing someone at the same time........this all sounds like the invention of someone stoned.......

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Youngstown eyes big-city crime-fighting plan

If you look up this program in the other cities, you will find news articles that show it to be FAILING.

This program is all about contacting the bad guys and trying to "talk" them into behaving themselves.

Youngstown - stop wasting time on third rate sociologists trying to take over this city - Their plans have failed elsewhere - and they end up bringing them here. I guess they figure nobody in Youngstown reads the national media, so we won't know.

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Undecideds: Choosing not to choose

These people seem more concerned about making the "correct" decision than a decision that reflects their own personal principles. There is no magic here - no way to pick a candidate that will then guarantee he or she will always do what you want.

As far as trying to pick the "best" candidate, again, there's no such thing. Once in office, these people will do what they are going to do. Your only real power over them is your ability to vote them OUT of office.

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