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Valley union calls GM managers ‘sneaky’

.Whenever a new car is being built for the first time, and the company realizes that there is a problem with it at the very beginning, management begins to act really crappy towards their employees if they feel they need more "down time" to fix the problem. So, if they provoke their employees enough, strike talks will begin. This eliminates management to be forced to pay them unemployment compensation as a result of a lay off if they need to fall back and regroup. They are not fooling anyone. I think there is more than what meets the eye, or should I say media, as far as just how major the repairs are. I also think it's more than just the ONE repair problem reported. The repairs SHOULD be made by their own GM employees in this case. Wake up employees! Don't fall for their tactics

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Pavlik’s bout set to boost positive vibes

Question: Does anyone know who is broadcasting this fight? HBO or PPV? and approx. what time.

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Passion play draws thousands to Austintown

My wife and I went to see this passion play on Good Friday at 7:pm. We were both totally moved and impressed with the performance. The actors and all the people behind the scenes did a fantastic job to reenact this age old story. They actually made us feel as if we were actually there in that time period. That is one of the biggest compliments they could possibly receive. My Congratulations goes out to all of them. What a great job! Also, the up to date technology with the sound system and lighting was superb. If you haven't seen this play yet, there is still some time to get it on your to do list. You won't regret it.

Emil J. Cerimele

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