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Downtown bartender arrested in cop assault

Also to add...Everyone here is so against 1 guy. What do you really know? That's right, only what you heard. So You don't know about the security camera's the Grove has. Rolling at all times. You ever tend bar before? Probably not. Full bar. Serving people back to back as you are 3 deep. Someone comes to the bar in normal cloths and says come with me I'm a cop. Id say yeah right! Ok... Next... Not to mention they were aggressive and by all means not professional at all. The tapes show it all... Grabbing him to forcefully take him out and trying to put him in a head lock. Even customers got in on it just because they didn't look like police. So then back up was called.... So before you comment and make assumptions get some freaking facts first. Heck... Watch the freaking tape....

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Downtown bartender arrested in cop assault

SERIOUSLY??!!!!! Look at everyone here? I am new to this to comment. I AM NOT NEW TO THE DOWNTOWN YOUNGSTOWN AREA!. I may not have been there. I do know one thing. Kenny Papini is a good guy with a family working 2 jobs to make ends meet! I ADMIT THE BAR ( THE BAR ) Has some issues. I worked with Kenny. He is not shady guy. He would give you the shirt off his back to help you out. Big crowds, PUSHY BOSSY PPL(YOU that like to slam others and bitch), trying your best to please everyone and slip up and make an honest mistake doesnt equal a bashing... The bar has a bad rap. We all know that. Businesses like that you know start from the top. When thats poor its all poor. I am posting this for Kenny..... If it wasnt for the local bars and restaurants in downtown there would not be a downtown. If you want to do something right. Close it down and get someone in there that actually cares about the people.

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