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Boardman man, 22, faces drug charges

Snap, Crackle, Pot!

They're Magically Delicious!

Breakfast of Champions!

Silly Rabbit, Trips are for kids!

This guy is probably being over charged for the crime. He had four and a half pounds of baked goods, but it probably only took two ounces of cannabutter to make them. Since when does two ounces of weed land you in prison for ten years? Ridiculous!

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Brad Wineburner of Poland, a junior at Mahoning County Career and Technical Center, Canfield, shows

Yeah, this guy is a real douchebag. Police reports show eight thefts from auto in Poland Township in the two days prior to him being arrested and charged with felony posession of stolen property by the Boardman PD. Two of the thefts were on Weatheredwood Trail, one block from where he lives. Two thefts from auto were reported on Southwind Trail, just down the street from where he lives. In the other four thefts in Poland Township, he must have been traveling to more distant neighborhoods in his car, just like he did on Sigle, Rosehedge, Tamarisk and Paulin...where he was busted by the understaffed Boardman PD with the stolen merchandise he took from that neighborhood and the numerous GPS devices in his car that had been stolen from Morningside Drive, off of Spitler Road, earlier that evening.

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Brad Wineburner of Poland, a junior at Mahoning County Career and Technical Center, Canfield, shows

Brad wineburner is Tim Aey's son. His neighborhood, off of Spitler Road, has been plagued by thefts from automobiles for the past couple of years. Now that he's been busted by the BPD stealing from cars in a neighborhood that borders the Poland Woods, you might want to check with him if you're missing property from your car. He lives at 8433 Misty Ridge Trail. When he was arrested, in addition to the credit cards he stole from a car on Sigle Lane, he was in posession of numerous GPS devices he admitted he stole from cars parked on Morning Side Drive, a few blocks from where he lives.

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Arrested in thefts

It occurred to me that David Aey sure seems to have problems with his relatives.

This Brad Weinburner gentleman was busted by the BPD and charged with a felony after getting caught stealing from cars in a Boardman neighborhood that borders Walker-Mill Road and the Poland Woods. Brad lives on Misty Ridge in the four-seasons neighborhood off of Spitler Road, an area that has seen many thefts from automobiles over the past couple of years. With his arrest, those thefts may taper off greatly, but you never know since he's free on bond.

Another one of David Aey's relatives, Rod McCune, killed a motorcyclist on South Avenue back in 2009 near the intersection of Walker-Mill Road. The poor biker, Robert Davis, was t-boned by McCune while he was cruising along on his dark-colored Japanese V-Twin motorcycle with a windshield.

Also, David's brother Rodney enjoys showing his wife how much he loves her by beating her up after having a few beers then threatening the BPD officers who show up to arrest him.

Sometimes those Aey's act like they can get away with murder.

Oh wait...I shouldn't have said act....I forgot about the hit-and-run death of Adam Huffman on McClurg Road back in October 2008, but I won't bore you with the details of that unsolved's too long of a long story.

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Brad Wineburner of Poland, a junior at Mahoning County Career and Technical Center, Canfield, shows

This man, Brad Wineburner, was arrested on August 18, 2011 by the Boardman PD for stealing items from cars parked in driveways. He was charged with receiving stolen property, criminal trespass, carrying a concealed weapon, drug paraphernalia and criminal tools.

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Arrested in thefts

Brad Weinburner - tsk,tsk,tsk.

He lives in Poland, right in the middle of the area that has been plagued with similar crimes over the past year.

What is a young relative of former Poland Township patrolman and former Mahoning County deputy sheriff David Aey doing stealing from cars in the Boardman-Poland area? He should have known better.

The A-Team must have sprung him from the county lockup pretty quick. He was posting on his Facebook page 12 hours ago.

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Poland Twp. police investigating thefts from cars

Well today's Vindy shows that the Boardman PD busted two young men at 3:15 AM Thursday. Both of the young men went to Poland High School. They were caught stealing from cars in a Boardman neighborhood that borders the Poland Woods. Perhaps the Poland crime spree is over.

One of the young men is a relative of former Mahoning County deputy sheriff, and former Poland Township patrolman, David Aey. You would think that he would know better.

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Oil and gas prices on the rise again

The article states that gas prices are up about a nicklel since Friday.

Someone should tell that to the operator of the Shell station at Western Reserve and South Avenue. Their price was $3.49 for about a week and jumped ten cents today.

Over the past month, as prices were falling, I noticed that prices at numerous stations in the Salem area were consistently nineten cents per gallon cheaper than the prices at the stations close to where I live in the Boardman / Poland area.

The big difference in prices for areas that are not far apart doesn't make sense.

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