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Girl, 17, killed, football star hurt in city shooting

6 shootings in 3 days, absolutely pitiful!

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OVI Task Force makes 40 arrests at Boardman checkpoint

This whole area is going to hell, its just gonna be a big joke and a mess around here when they start letting people out of jail to, why even waste money on checkpoints when these people will probably be released anyways

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

Yes he pinned him but someone also stated on here who was "at" the wedding that the groom did hit the bartender once with that being assault didn't think I had to restate that detail since it was already made reference to! In my opinion I feel many people overstepped boundries and acted like animals, but is that still any reason to almost beat a man to death???? I think not. It's all unfortunate and should never have gone as far as it did!

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

Plus if they want to get drunk so bad doesn't the brides family own a bar??? Take the rif raf there after the reception is over! Let him bang his head off cars in their parking lot.

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

Your right I wasn't there, but I do know this if people can't handle alcohol without acting like crazed idiots don't drink, and if the bride is not even legal to drink then most of her friends probably aren't either, so have a dry wedding! !!!!!!! Problem solved!

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

I'm from struthers, and believe me we are not all garbage!

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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

ok first of all the bartender is my brother in law and is not at fault in anyway except for trying to be a good person and detain a drunken groom who was out of control until the cops arrived. My brother in law was actually inside the county club when a woman ran in and yelled for the two bartenders to come outside due to the fact that the groom was in the parking lot irrate and going crazy hitting peoples cars. when my brother in law walked past the groom he was shoved , unfortunately my brother in law brought the groom down to the ground and was pinning him until the cops got there, however the groomsmen from the bridal party jumped on top of my brother in law and began to basically beat the crap out of him, so much so that yes he was rushed to the hospital and yes he has sustained severe damages , and yes he has to have several surgeries to reconstruct his face just so he can breathe normally again, so contrary to comments that were made on here about it being the bartenders fault I know first hand what happened. Just a little FYI this was a rowdy group of people even before the reception started due to a fight that broke out in the parking lot prior to the reception before dinner or drinks were even served. That fight was broken up but it just goes to show that there were problems already from the start of the evening. And yes the comment about the county club being liable for inadequate security, it is very much so required that two officers must be present if alcohol is being served at a reception and one officer present if no alcohol is involved, thats on them however. Hope this clears some of the slanderous comments up for everybody!

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