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‘Nitro’s Law’ calls for stiffer penalties for animal abuse

I think it is disgusting that anybody can come along and open an establishment for the care of animals without stringent investigations to make sure they are compotent enough. If this had been the case then the guy that was left to care for Nitro would have never been able to and he may still be alive, but even though he has caused the horrific death of animals in his care by his neglect he still does not get the just punishment and justice is not served for the suffering that those poor dogs went through. This is a man that had no regard for anyone but himself and in society people like that do not need to be free. If they are capable of hurting or neglect on this level he is capable of anything. I hope the laws get changed very soon and I thank this publication for highlighting the story of Nitro and the battle that his owners are facing.

April 10, 2011 at 8:55 p.m. suggest removal